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Monday, February 12, 2018

Another agreement to the United States

Por sumily

The White House, with this opportunity, sent notice to federal agencies to be prepared for a possible closure. The House of Representatives reported that they did not expect to vote until between three or six o'clock on Friday morning. There he would run into problems, starting with those of the Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, who rejects the exclusion of a solution for the dreamers.

Of the more than 300,000 million increase in spending, half correspond to the Army (165,000 million) and the rest to items such as infrastructure (20,000), the opiate epidemic (6,000), children's health (5,800) or veterans (4,000). Added to this are another 90,000 of aid to alleviate the Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico disasters.

The United States Congress managed to approve a budget bill for the next two years. The protest of a single Republican senator for the deficit prompted the closure of the Administration for several hours. The offer that implies a huge increase in public spending of around 300,000 million dollars, came to light in the House of Representatives at 05.30, after passing through the Senate.

The president, Donald Trump, signed the law this morning. The upper house was about to take the agreement to a vote without uncertainty, but Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky, a libertarian allergic to public spending, took the vote by surprise all afternoon demanding that an amendment is approved with limits on federal spending. The last extension of funds with which the Administration has been running expired at midnight, so the delay in the vote produced the second closing in less than three weeks.

Rand Paul took advantage of the norms that approve any senator to reduce the procedures that demand the support of all and delayed the process in the Senate, although the plan finally achieved the vote of 71 senators in favor and 28 against.

In the House of Representatives, the proposal also aroused criticism, the public deficit between conservatives and the oblivion dreamers or dreamers, as it is known to immigrants who came to the United States irregularly as children. In the end, 240 votes in favor and 186 against went ahead.

The budget pact raises the cost of the Administration of Donald Trump to 300,000 million dollars in two years, which is calculated to trigger the public deficit to approximately 1,15 billion dollars. If we go back to the procedure of the first term of Barack Obama, he had to face the financial debacle and the rescue of the bank, to find such a gap between the income and the expenses of the Federal Government.

At that time the Republican criticism multiplied, led above all by the most conservative and anti-tax group, the Tea Party. On Wednesday, the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, and the Democrat, Chuck Schumer, reached an agreement that avoided and gave budgetary persistence for at least two years.

The apparent peace ended in guerrilla warfare. The Republicans make up 51 of the 100 senators and the tune with the Democrats guaranteed the 60 necessary votes, but Rand Paul warned that it would not be so easy.

Other Republicans warn against this increase in spending, especially now that Trump has just taken the biggest tax cut in 30 years, and will be a remarkable morsel to the public coffers.