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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Argentine professor denounced for homophobic class

Por Feco

A professor at the University of Buenos Aires went viral as she taught their students a class entitled "Homosexual Crime". As the Faculty investigates on the matter to make a decision on her, the students, plan to make a "mass kiss" at the doors of the faculty, under the motto "Enough of homophobia in the Faculty of Medicine and in the UBA".

The homosexual can have an "unstable emotional structure" that leads him to commit "homicide" for "jealousy or revenge", acts that are even more violent than the traditional "passionate homicides"; If you are a "homosexual prostitute" you can kill your clients; if it is the case of a "latent homosexual, he/she fears for their erotic desire and kill a homosexual in a 'vindicating sexual attitude', there is also a 'homosexual psychopath', who commits a crime" for sexual satisfaction".

The list goes on and does not belong to an ancient text of education, a group of medical students from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA, for its Spanish acronym) took note of these and other homophobic findings last Thursday, during a Legal Medicine class entitled "Homosexual crime." A teacher projected the text on the blackboard of the classroom, a student took a photo and the case soon came to social networks. The faculty had to intervene to stop the wave of criticism.

The content of the class was made public at the initiative of the students. The Faculty of Medicine has cited all of them and the teacher in question to explain the context in which such content was disseminated. The text, according to a report by El País, has no waste. "Homosexual crime can be a consequence of unstable emotional structure," says the plaque that the students read in the classroom. Below, the teacher clarifies that the homosexual is likely to commit "homicide and/or injury by jealousy or revenge, which are more violent and bloody passionate homicides than those of heterosexuals".The teacher lists potentially dangerous profiles: the "psychopath homosexual", the "prostitute homosexual”, “taxi boy (bisexual)” and the" latent homosexual ", each with a particular propensity to commit murder.

Medicine is one of the most prestigious faculties of the UBA. It receives students from all Latin America and its graduates are highly recognized. The public repercussion of the subject lived up to that reputation. From the academic secretariat of Medicine recognized the extent of the problem, listened to the teacher and finally decided to remove her from her position. The suspension will last as long as the investigation. The students denounce that content of this kind of legal medicine is not an isolated event nor is it new. "It has happened to me in other subjects that it is usual to give a gender perspective with this homophobic bias, such as saying that homosexuality increases the risk of transmission of sexual diseases. What has happened now is that it was made public”. It is about time that attitudes like this one are exposed and criticized. It is about time that people understand that we are living in the era of social networks and that nothing is private or intimate anymore.