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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cuban music has no borders

Por mayli2017

He is a musician by ear. Everything he has learned has been on his own, without the need to go to academies. Eliades Ochoa took her first steps with the help of her parents, a group of three from eastern Cuba who taught her to appreciate the good Cuban music of the 30s, 40s and 50s, which she incorporated into her repertoire. Referring to his experience in Buena Vista ... the interpreter of El Cuarto de Tula stressed that both the impact of the album and the success of the world tours confirmed that "Cuban music has no borders nor does it need a visa to enter any country". Regarding the veto to which Gloria Estefan, Willy Chirino, Albita Rodríguez and other Cuban exile artists are subjected in certain Cuban media, the interpreter of Píntate los labios María and El Carretero did not comment. But he did say that he would like to alternate with them.

Cuban legendary Cuban sonia singer Eliades Ochoa, one of the founders of Buena Vista Social Club, while preparing the concert he will present at the Royal Albert Hall in London in April, returns to Miami to promote Preciosa, a bolero son who plays a duo with its author Descemer Bueno, whose videos have been attracting the attention of netizens in recent weeks. In declarations to the Nuevo Herald, Ochoa affirms that the lyrics of the song were very striking, very beautiful, since it is difficult to find such a romantic song at a time when the youth has taken over other rhythms.

With 71 years, Ochoa, recalled that it has not been easy to agree with the author to record since both have very complicated agendas. But when they finally did it, they did it "at once" in Areíto, the Havana studio where the first Buena Vista album was recorded ... in 1996. What impresses Descemer the most is his ability to compose any genre, "added the sonero, who traveled accompanied by his wife, journalist Grisel Sande, author of Eliades Ochoa, trova for the world, Ediciones Cubanas, 2011, a compilation of texts about his career.

For his part, Descemer, who produced the videos filmed in Cuba, revealed that Preciosa wrote from a real experience, when a pigeon "entered through the window of my apartment and landed on the back of my chair". Regarding the interpretation of Ochoa, he stressed that the song acquired new nuances in his voice. Before it jumped to the forefront of popularity with Buena Vista Social Club, 1997 Grammy Award in the Best Tropical Musical category for the album of the same name, Ochoa integrated several groups of the island, such as the Quinteto de la Trova, the Septeto Tipico Oriental and the Patria quartet, which he still directs.

Self-taught musician, his discography covers twenty works and more than 30 collaborations with well-known artists such as Bob Dylan, Luis Eduardo Aute, and the group Jarabe de Palo, among other celebrities. The singer lives between Havana and Santiago de Cuba. He announced that in his wife's next book he will tell passages of his life that until now "she does not know".