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Monday, February 26, 2018

Ghosts hounding Donald Trump

Por qubano22005

Like the most exciting mystery story of Sherlock Holmes, the truth about the Russian interference in 2016 American elections is strengthening every day. The two main characters involved are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Others like Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and some politicians may be implicated but not as serious as Trump and his family who was, according to FBI, the beneficiary of the Russian´s obstruction election in 2016. The research has dogged the White House since January, when US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia’s involvement has turned into a big snowball, shaking the knees of every member of the US Government.

Which are the ghosts hounding the US president when it comes to the Russiangate? The first one, the well-known Steve Bannon, is Trump’s main advisor who was called to Robert Mueller’s office the latest month. Previously he had declared to Donald Trump’s polemic book“Fire and Fury”: Inside the White House that he considered, indeed, an act of betrayal to hold a meeting with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Even though the lawyer’s intention wasn´t to share information about Hillary Clinton, the people inside the room had the purpose to get some dirty secrets about the Democratic candidate from the Russian Secret services. Who else was inside the room with the Russian official? Surprise! Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

The Special Adviser Robert Mueller called the other suspects to declare. It seemed that Kushner had a lot of things to tell Mueller. He spent around 90 minutes of conversations with Mueller’s team. The 36-year-old son-in-law, a senior White House adviser, met Senate Intelligence Committee staff behind closed doors for about two hours. Some sources declared that he said the session was pleasant and conversational. Previously, he wrote an11-page letter with the fullest account of what happened.

He believes he acted in a proper and normal way and stated it was a unique campaign. He forgot that is also a unique and completely iconoclast government in the US history. On the contrary, others members involved in the scandal had resigned or were fired from the White House. Nevertheless, Kushner keeps his testimony that he didn’t collude with Russia or anybody inside the Capitol who worked in the campaign.

Still, he met Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in Washington in April 2016. In a second occasion, Kushner met Kislyak on December 13 and, due to Kislyak’s insistence, he met as well Sergei Gorkov, the head of Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank, taking into account the Russian had a “close relationship” with Putin. Jared recalled that Gorkov introduced himself and gave him two gifts - one a piece of art from Novgorod, the village where his grandparents were born, and the other one a bag from the same place.

Certainly, Jared is a businessman who married with Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka. Maybe he doesn´t have any political ambitions, just seeks respect and power for his business. Actually, he barely addressed remarks in public during his father-in-law presidential campaign. He confessed that he is not a person who searches to be in the spotlight.

Among the most involved politicians in the scandals, there is Michael Flynn, former White House’s national security adviser. Flynn, who resigned in February after misleading Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with a Russian diplomat, is under investigation. All data corroborates that Flynn will not be exonerated.

Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort was another participant at the meeting with the Russians, and as a falling angel, he was found guilty of several crimes as tasks’ evasion, false identities and corruption.

The strange red force

Although the Russian Government gave a negative response, with President Vladimir Putin repeating it over and over again, Mueller’s recent report reveals that Russians citizens were involved. For the US intelligence agencies, it is a fact that Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, took part in a hacking and propaganda campaign to try to tilt November’s election in Trump’s favor. Robert Mueller proved that those citizens committed crimes of espionage and conspiracy using social media by boosting Republican Donald Trump and denigrating Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Graham Brookie, a cyber-security aide during the Obama administration, said that the use of digital force to interfere in 2016 elections could be possible. Spreading false rumors or as the president like to say Fake news between the social networks, it´s possible that Russians suggested the electors against Hillary. But that is absurd because Hillary won the popular vote, so those statements adding more mystery to the issue.

The real truth and according to Jared Kushner testimony, Trump prevailed over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November 2016 because he ran a “smarter campaign” and to suggest otherwise “ridicules those who voted for him,” Kushner said at the White House. But it might the chance that indeed Mr. Trump had had the favor of Russians. During his campaign, they pronounced laudatory words for Vladimir Putin.

How will end the novel started writing by FBI director James Comey and continuous by Robert Mueller, who knows but I am positive that it will be very interesting for the US people and the international community.