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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Iniesta thinks Camp Nou will make a difference vs. Chelsea

Por MRod

After the first leg of the match between Barcelona and Chelsea, at the home of the latter, many fans find that giving the start to Paulinho was not the right choice to do. However, it all depended on Andrés Iniesta and Lionel Messi for the culés to take the win. Iniesta is hopeful that they can make the advantage good at Camp Nou.

The final draw between Chelsea and Barcelona left the Catalans satisfied, as the result of the match was considered a great result. Now Chelsea are forced to score at the Camp Nou if they want to qualify for the quarterfinals. One of the outstanding players was Andrés Iniesta, who lived one of his most magical nights in Stamford Bridge nine years ago by marking the extension that put Barça in the final.

This time it was the player who recovered the ball that ended at Messi's feet so that the Argentine scored the tie. The same protagonists as in 2009. Two of the most important players for Barcelona. "It's a Champions League game in front of a great rival. We had the ball but we have failed to score. In the end, we took advantage to make the goal, which has been important, "Iniesta began explaining.

The manchego considers that now they have a certain advantage, although he asks prudence: "At home, the game will be different, with our people. We know our field much better and the game will be different. But it will be a complicated match because they also want to win. It is one of the best teams in Europe and, any error in the Champions League means a lot».

Ernesto Valverde agreed with Iniesta's speech and explained his reading of the game: "We tried to carry the weight of the game. Their goal came when we were better, although we lacked the final pass. We have achieved the draw and it is not really that they have had excessive chances. It's a good result and I think we deserved it". The coach gave his recipe to try to solve the errors and get more clairvoyance in the coming game: "Deciding well. We are dealing with difficult players so we have to be strong in small spaces. We need quality, speed and success. There is still one game ahead and everything remains to be decided». He added: "I give a lot of importance on having scored here. It is important to go ahead but it is not definitive”.

The coach explained the reasons why he opted for Paulinho: "When you get to a game of this level at this stage of the season I rely on what we have done to make up the team. It is not the time to try too many things but to take advantage of what we have achieved. Paulinho has a goal and adds depth”. Even so, many specialists consider that the Brazilian did not play a good game. In the end, Barza was saved by two of its most iconic players: Iniesta and magic Lionel Messi.