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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Luis Fonsi lashed out at journalist who criticized his daughter


The 6-year-old Mikaela showed she inherited his father quality and love of music in a sweet video dancing to her father's hit song "Echame La Culpa" that exploded on social media. Agueda Lopez, the mom, posted the video on January 2nd on Instagram, while they were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Reactions followed immediately.

Luis Fonsi and his wife Agueda Lopez have been very careful with the image of their children. The photos of little Mikaela and Rocco, 6 and 1-year-old respectively, do not appear often on the internet. In fact, the child's face only was known a week ago. Like many famous fathers, Fonsi and his wife have tried to moderate their children's right to privacy and the public's desire to know more about their family life. A particularly thorny issue in this era of social networks, in which negative comments do not stop even with children.

What’s important is to sell, the media would say. The first week of January, Fonsi traveled with his family, including his parents, brothers, brothers-in-law and nephews, to the Dominican Republic and Mikaela appeared in some of the photos. Most of the comments the pictures gathered were compliments, but some observations as to the body of the girl were also picked up by an internet portal. The reaction of both parents was immediate and fulminant. "There is a special place in hell for people who attack, disrespect or bully or harm a child", wrote the singer-songwriter on Instagram.

Fonsi, one of the faces behind the acclaimed Despacito, puts great attention to being a lovely father and husband. He had previously revealed that when he arrives at his house he hardly talks about work or his worldwide success. His focus is on what’s important. “I try to be a father, I try to be a husband and enjoy the small and simple things of life ", Fonsi expressed. No wonder why he got so angry at the comments regarding his little girl. "My daughter is a very healthy girl, thank God. It is really sad that a 'journalist' like you needs to create this kind of news to do something with her life and her career. By the way, before talking about her, learn to write her name and her age”, said the mother this time, addressing the writer directly.

Luckily for the family, and the reporter the article in question was deleted from the portal. The headline of Gisselle Acevedo's article read: “Extreme thinness of Luis Fonsi’s daughter worries; she seems to break, some say”. Fonsi had answered that Mika is an active girl who enjoys sports and knows by heart all of his songs as well as the choreography of his videos. He’s an admitted proud dad who loves being with his kids. “I love playing with them, taking my daughter to school, watching movies, and [I] hug them to the point they can’t stand me anymore,” he joked. “Everything I do is for them, they are my light and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.”