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Monday, February 12, 2018

Military march-past in the United States?

Por sumily

Jim Mattis, secretary of Defense of the North American government assures that the Pentagon tries to outline a series of potential plans for the parade proposed by the president and that would be sent to the White House for its approval. In statements to the press, Mattis said that Trump's intention with this project is to show his affection and respect for the military.

However, Professor Nolan, an expert in military history, considers that the celebration of these great parades in the world usually has two clear objectives: countries that try to intimidate others by demonstrating their military strength or seek to impress their own national population before any attempt of rebellion in the country.

An intense debate was generated this Wednesday, due to the approach of Donald Trump on the unusual image of tanks crossing the main streets of Washington.

The president asked the Pentagon to organize a huge military parade in the capital. The detractors and supporters have had a debate on the subject. The Washington Post reported the news, confirmed later by the White House. Trump made such a request after being dazzled by the Bastille Day parade during his visit to France last year. The initiative was severely censored by members of the Democratic Party, they believe that it would mean an inadmissible expenditure of money and project a wrong idea to the rest of the world.

Also, the US Secretary of Defense in the last term of George W. Bush between 1997 and 2001, the Republican William Cohen, told the press that Trump's proposal is unnecessary because, from his point of view, there are better ways to honor the military.

Although they are seen by many as a legacy of past times or the Cold War, the truth is that large-scale military parades are still common in several countries. The best known are those of North Korea, organized to the millimeter. They are also traditional in Russia or China; in Australia or Spain, military exhibitions are held as part of the celebration of their national days. In the United Kingdom, they are undertaken on the occasion of the Queen's birthday.

Military exhibitions also exist in the United States, are only used in important events or to commemorate great military efforts made in the past as in the case of Memorial Day, in memorial of soldiers killed in combat at the end of May.

However, the large-scale parades like the one President Trump wants are usually unusual in the country and its celebration is only given in historical moments where great wars ended.

The last one was carried out in 1991 when President George Bush decided to celebrate the end of the Gulf War with a big event in Washington. In spite of this, the current situation has nothing to do with these scenarios, a motive that has provoked some of the harshest criticisms of the initiative.