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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Movies that break box-offices

Por sumily

This 2018 is loaded with great cinematographic proposals, here we mention some of the films that, we think, the most people expect to see this year. When researching online and doing some calculations on napkins, I thought about some movies that I think will sweep the box office this year and some more titles that I think people expect to see in 2018.The favorite, due to her success of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, the Disney-winning Father for 2018 is going to be this one. The premiere at the beginning of the second quarter will give the film enough time to accumulate tickets sold all year round, which will be one of the most profitable movies of 2018, if not the most profitable of all. But I admit that the premiere date seems a bit interesting because they do not plan to release it any closer to the US summer. I'm not sure what the idea is, but I have faith that the movie will do just fine.

The latest installment of the popular erotic trilogy Fifty shades released, which captivated large audiences, especially female, closed its opening weekend at the front of the box office of the United States and Canada with 38.6 million dollars. Promoted by the Universal studio with the subtle slogan of "Don't miss the climax", Fifty shades prevailed over other weekend releases like Petter Rabbit, which went on to a second place, followed by a 15:17 train to Paris, according to consolidated figures from the Exhibitor Relations firm, released on Monday. Starring again for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as the perverted, friendly and often shirtless Christian Gray. But on this occasion, they are husbands. The Hollywood Reporter indicated that three out of four people attending this film in North America were women.

For his part, Peter Rabbit, is a mixture of actors of flesh and blood with computer generated animations. A film that closed its first weekend in billboard with 25 million dollars, despite calls for boycott for a scene in which critics condemn a supposed trivialization of food allergies. In the questioned sequence, a pack of naughty rabbits is armed with berries to attack their human archenemy, the villain Tom McGregor, who is allergic to fruit. The Sony studio published an apology for not having been more aware and sensitive towards the subject.

Also, the story of director Clint Eastwood in "15:17," about how three young Americans thwarted a terrorist attack on a passenger train in France in 2015, earned $ 12.5 million. In a risky move, Eastwood opted because the three men, none of them with formal acting experience, would interpret themselves. Some critics called it audacious, but others claimed that his amateurism was evident. Jumanji, meanwhile, fell from the first position to the fourth with 10 million dollars this weekend. Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart, the film features a group of teenagers who are transported inside a video game in the world of Jumaji. He has earned more than 365 million dollars in North America.

In the fifth place, "El gran showman", a Fox film starring Hugh Jackman, who plays the story of the circus impresario P.T. Barnum, with a box office of 6.4 million.