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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nina: the music was her shield

Por sumily

After the assassination of Martin Luther King, actress Nina Simone, an active defender of the civil rights of the black race, decides to leave the United States and settles in Barbados. In the words of his daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly, Nina was one of the greatest artists of all time, but she had to pay a very high price for it. The audience believed that she was only Nina Simone when she took the stage, but they were wrong. She was Nina Simone all the time. That was a problem. The actress moves to Holland and it is there where she receives treatment for her bipolarity. Then he travels to France, where he lives until his death on April 21, 2003, near Marseille. Nina found in the scene the ideal place to give voice to her people. The rage for those who mistreated her kept an unparalleled artist on her feet that was remembered by everyone as an unforgettable version of Ne me remove pass.

After spending years studying from an early age, the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia rejected it. Marked by racial segregation, Eunice Kathleen Waymon did not achieve her purpose, which was to become the first black piano concert performer in the United States.

Given the low probability of continuing her studies in music from the musical institution and the economic hardships that her family was going through, she is forced to perform in nightclubs in Atlantic City. Waymon left behind the classics: Bach, Brahms, Debussy to play everything he could think of and, in fear of losing his job, he began to sing under the pseudonym of Nina Simone.

Name adopted to hide his family, mainly his mother what he was doing to make a living. The nickname arises due to a boyfriend who called her "the girl" and her devotion to the actress Simone Signoret, name with which she would be part of the history of music, the only artist of such renown that she ended up being repudiated within the music industry in the United States due to its strong political activism.

In 2003, the same conservatory that rejected her, two days before the artist's death, gives her a prize in recognition of her musical career. A black woman who managed to revolutionize the musical inudstria and who never awarded until 2017, where he is awarded a Grammy. According to the guitarist with whom Simone debuted on the stage of the Newport jazz festival in 1960, Al Shackman in statements in the documentary What happened, Miss Simone? He said that Nina had a wonderful way of approaching a musical work.

Once her music was recognized, Simone became one of the main voices of the civil movements and dedicated her concerts to transmit political messages to remove consciences and fight for the rights of the black community, so affected in the United States. Nina's fame ended up consuming her life. Subjected to the exploitation of his spouse and the music industry, factors that impeded his creativity. The actress never hid to say that her husband protected her from all but himself. He hit her.