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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pope Francis speaks to the world

Por sumily

When John Paul II died, there were 117 cardinals under the age of 80 able to vote to elect a new pope, among whom was the then Cardinal Bergoglio, considered a papal, and who is said to have obtained 40 votes out of 77. That they were necessary to be elected, that is the second place behind Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was elected and became Benedict XVI, 265th pope until February 2013.

It has been said that Bergoglio competed in the number of votes with Ratzinger during the election until he made an emotional appeal asking the cardinals not to vote for him. However, since there is an obligation of absolute secrecy for those attending the conclave (Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis of February 22, 1996, Chapter II, No. 48) under pain of excommunication reserved for the Supreme Pontiff (Code of Canon Law), canon 1399), this data should be taken as mere speculation. Before, he had participated in the funeral of St. John Paul II and acted as regent next to the College of Cardinals, governing the Holy See and the Catholic Church during the interregnum period of the vacant seat.

Pope Francis comes to the big screen to talk about life, the universe and everything in an unusual film documentary co-produced by the Vatican in May, according to studio executives. Written and directed by the Oscar nominee three times Wim Wenders, Pope Francis. A man of his word, opens in the United States on May 18, informed the California producer Focus Features.

In the documentary, an almost unprecedented co-production between the Vatican and external filmmakers, the pope addresses the public directly to talk about immigration, ecology, the inequality of wealth and the role of the family. According to the statement's spokesperson, the visual and narrative concepts directly before the camera engage the audience face to face with the pope, creating a dialogue between him and, literally, the world. From questions of people from all walks of life, Pope Francis responds to farmers and workers, refugees, children and the elderly, inmates and those living in favelas and immigrant camps.

The film shows the 81-year-old pontiff traveling the world, speaking at the United Nations or addressing the US Congress and at the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem, dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust. He also appears speaking to prisoners and refugees in Mediterranean camps and visiting the Palestinian territories and Israel, as well as Africa, South America and Asia.

When the project was announced for the first time, in a statement to the press, Wenders said that Pope Francis is a living example of a man who defends what he says, a man of convictions, good customs, traditions, who looks after the welfare of people and societies, first of all. In our film, he speaks directly to the viewer, in a very candid and spontaneous way. Focus said that Universal Pictures International will distribute the film abroad, although there are still no details on the global release schedule. The ex-archbishop of Buenos Aires, born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the Argentine capital in December 1936, went from a modest beginning before becoming the first Latin American leader of a church with 1,200 million faithful.

Known for his humility, his adherence to the preferential option for the poor, a principle that embraces the marginalized and suffering of different extraction, and his commitment to dialogue with people of different origins and creeds, Francisco showed a variety of pastoral gestures indicative of simplicity Among those that include his decision to reside in the House of Santa Marta instead of the papal residence in the Vatican Apostolic Palace used by his predecessors since 1903.