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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The actresses have said 'enough!'

Por mayli2017

The samples of support for Souza have grown in the last hours as well as the comments about the identity of the aggressor. The filmmaker Gustavo Loza has rejected these accusations in his personal Twitter account and denounced that Televisa's measures lacked "foundation". In an interview on Radio Fórmula, Loza claimed to have had a romantic relationship with the actress in 2010, when they both worked on the television series Los Héroes del Norte and claims to have had strong feelings for the interpreter and that they were reciprocated by Souza.

Souza has worked in film and television in Mexico and the United States, where he appeared in the ABC series "How to Get Away With Murder." He starred in the highest grossing film of all time in Mexico before "Coco", "Nosotros los nobles" of 2013. In an interview with CNN, the actress described that at the beginning of her career a producer harassed her, pressed and groped her and that one night she finally raped her.

Televisa, the main television network in Mexico, broke relations with independent producer Gustavo Loza, after actress Karla Souza denounced that she was raped early in her career by a producer whose name she did not reveal. Loza denied that Souza's accusation was addressed to him, and called her to identify the producer involved. It is one of the first reports of high profile sexual violence in the Mexican entertainment industry. The confession of the Mexican actress Karla Souza about the rape she suffered years ago at the hands of a producer, without mentioning her name, has unleashed a tsunami on social networks.

However, fellow actors and other Mexican directors have shown their support for Souza for what they consider a courageous statement against abuses against women. Loza, on the other hand, respectfully asks Souza to clarify this situation before the media, mentioning the names of his assailants and, if applicable, the appropriate denunciations, so that these regrettable and reprehensible acts of which he has been victim, do not go unpunished.

The actor Luis Gerardo Méndez, companion of the actress in the movie Nosotros los nobles, has defended the decision of Souza not to spread the name of his aggressor. Along with him is the director of Mexican films, Manolo Caro, who trusts that the denunciations of Mexican actresses should not go unpunished and find those responsible. Also, the driver Alan Estrada has joined the support samples in favor of his partner, applauding the value of Karla Souza to not remain silent in a country where impunity reigns.

The journalist Lydia Cacho has argued that the complaint is called rape, harassment and harassment at work and adds that the conditioning of work through violence with disparity of power is a crime. Mexican actress Gabriela de la Garza has shown her respect and admiration for Souza by showing courage and courage to raise her voice. A recognition that was shared by producer Billy Rovzar to express his admiration for the actress for being an example and denounce sexual harassment in Mexico and believes that this attitude will empower other women victims to do the same.