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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Venezuelan hero of Parkland shooting


Anthony Borges, a young Venezuelan qualified as a "hero," is hospitalized after receiving 5 shots from Nikolas Cruz in the Parkland shooting. A collection on the internet, which already has $ 380,000, seeks to help the family with hospital expenses. Students are also mobilizing to demand more gun control in the United States.

Anthony Borges, considered a hero after saving the lives of 20 of his classmates, remains in the hospital recovering from the wounds caused by the shots he received last Wednesday during the Parkland massacre that left 17 dead. This 15-year-old Venezuelan was one of the students who were at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school when Nikolas Cruz, a self-confessed author of the massacre, began firing indiscriminately. Borges, along with other students, ran to protect himself in a classroom when the attacker started firing. He entered last and "took the initiative to save the lives of his classmates", explained Carlos Rodríguez, one of the young people who was with him.

The Venezuelan remained by the door, using his body as a human shield, receiving up to five shots in his body. The student was injured in both legs, a bone was "shattered" and a bullet went through his back. Since the history was known, numerous people in social networks have described it as a "hero". And honestly, he deserves no less. The Sheriff visited Borges at the hospital and said that fortunately, he is recovering, but has a long road ahead with more surgeries needed.

Shortly after the shooting, a campaign was launched on the Internet, on the Gofundme portal, to raise funds to help with hospital expenses and recovery. This Tuesday morning, more than $ 425,000 had already been collected. "We need more people like you in the world, stay strong," Brynna Bridges wrote on that page. "You're a hero, keep it up, my prayers are for you," said Harlee Rowe. Other people left messages in support of the movement created by other students for greater control of weapons, promoted under the motto #NeverAgain (# NuncaMás, in Spanish). "Keep your strength and join your classmates to force our pathetic 'leaders' to make significant changes, you're a man who inspires us, thank you," Pamela Boudreau wrote.

The page, which opened on February 15, had an initial target of $ 5,000. However, in a few hours that goal was exceeded and now the organizers hope to raise $ 700,000. Among the donations, it is common to see figures of 10, 20 or 15 dollars, although there are also some larger, such as a person identified as Roberto Vieira, who offered $ 1,025, although this money is the result of a collection, as indicated.