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Monday, February 26, 2018

Weinstein: destiny or karma?

Por mayli2017

Bob Weinstein is the current head of the Weinstein company, a firm that fired his brother Harvey Weinstein last year. Since the Weinstein scandal erupted in early October, dozens of civil lawsuits have been filed against Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company, mostly by women who say they have been violated by the famous Hollywood producer. According to official reports, Weinstein has been and is still under treatment for sex addiction and has open investigations in the United States and Great Britain. However, no charges have been filed against her for any crime, although well-known actresses like Uma Truman have spoken out about it. He denies having sex without the consent of the women.

After the prosecutors tried to impose their will and conditions, the producer The Weinstein Company will be declared bankrupt and this was reported by the American press. The firm, co-founded by the renowned producer and former all-powerful Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, creator of countless successes in films such as "The Artist", "The King's Speech", "Frida" and "The Iron Lady", has plummeted since the allegations of sexual harassment, abuse and even rape against Weinstein.

The director of The Weinstein Company, in a statement quoted by the Los Angeles Times, said that this is an extremely unfortunate result for creditors, employees and any victim, however, the board of directors has run out of options to maximize the value remaining of the company. The New York Times published a similar report, which also alludes to the failed talks between the firm Weinstein and an investment group led by a government official of former President Barack Obama, Maria Contreras-Sweet. $ 500 million was the amount by which the group intended to buy The Weinstein Company until the state of New York sued the firm Weinstein on February 11 for not properly protecting employees of harassment and sexual assault. After that, he blocked the operation.

The lawsuit against Weinstein, his brother, and his firm was deployed due to the fear that the imminent sale of the company could leave the victims without the possibility of being properly compensated. Eric Schneiderman, attorney general of New York, raised a complaint about the negotiation to buy The Weinstein Company, claiming that the agreement only substantially removes the Weinstein brothers but leaves the rest of the management unharmed, which is why they consider it unacceptable.

For its part, the entertainment magazine Variety made a publication on its website a letter sent by The Weinstein Company to Contreras-Sweet and Ron Burkle, which has been highlighted as part of the investor group interested in buying the company. The document says that the firm Weinstein has worked tirelessly after a meeting with prosecutor Schneiderman and investors, but points to the investor group to fail to keep the promises made regarding high standard human rights policies and the delivery of the necessary temporary financing.