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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A bad dance between Castro and Trump

Por dbloggers

Jesusin Diaz is a great musician. His scores are around the world and even greatest musician like Alejandro Sanz plays his song. But Jesus is not the only one Cuban musician that is talented. Many of them in the Island hopes for his chances as People of the Zone had. But US blockade against Cuba ban featuring between Cuban musicians and US artist. During Obama presidency and when relationships restarted, several US famous artists visited the Island searching for the magic of Cuba Rhythm and player´s talent. But Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio has stopped the increasing interchange between both countries.

Despite the claims of Donald Trump and Marcos Rubio against Cuba as well as the president declaring the small Caribbean nation as a threat to the United States in the speech on the state of the Union, US legislators and congressmen continue to visit the island in order to maintain the thin political ties that were created with former President Barack Obama.

A bicameral delegation from the United States Congress traveled through the Antillean country to see with their own eyes, the affectations to the Cuban people from the north of which the president returns to the old state of relations. Democratic Senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy, leads the group of lawmakers that also includes Florida's Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor.

Senator Patrick Leahy is one of the northern congressmen who has greater ties with Havana and who has a closer relationship between the Cuban government and Washington. Recall that the end of his term in office, former President Barack Obama visited Cuba in what could have been a cold-war blow for both countries for more than half a century.

As the Cuban Foreign Ministry has revealed, visitors dialogued with local authorities from various sectors, targeted centers of interest and socio-economic development of the island, and met with small Cuban businessmen. The agenda included Cubans from the sectors of education, economics and biotechnology, with the aim of discussing the possibilities of improving economic opportunities for both peoples. Cuba through the restoration of valuable relationships with American companies the production of several biotechnological drugs such as the one dedicated to the treatment of diabetic foot to be used in North American patients.

However, among the authorities of the United States is the direction of the issue of health and safety of US diplomats, after the alleged attacks against the government of that country in Cuba. Although neither the Journal of the American Medical Association has presented proof of the supposed attacks and claims of Cuba by any politician, the White House withdrew most of its personnel from the Island and forced the Cubans to leave their representation in Washington. Cuba has reiterated on multiple occasions that it has not been possible to identify or present any new aggression against foreign diplomats with legations in its territory.

The United States policy against Cuba once again gave a 180 degree turn to the advances that the United Nations achieved in several branches of science, agriculture, drug control and migration, as well as in the matter of politics external However, after the arrival of the hostile President Donald Trump, the economic blockade that every year is shot down in the United Nations by the majority of the countries of the world, except for its creators and its ally Israel, has intensified.

Also, the changes imposed by the Trump government for the acquisition of visas of tourism or family reunion, the unnecessary and costly burdens to Cuban families seeking to reconnect with their loved ones or simply to know the United States. For its part, the Cuban government recently issued a statement against the announcement by the State Department of the creation of an operational force on the Internet to promote change in Cuba, more specifically the "free and non-regular flow of information."

For the government of Cuba, it is another subversive and interfering action that violates even International Law and the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. Despite these bickering on both sides, the Cuban government has reiterated on several occasions its desire to resume the path taken by Obama for the progressive restoration of relations based on respect and the right to self-determination.