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Saturday, March 3, 2018

A people with the right and desire to say NO!

Por mayli2017

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, sent Nikki Haley to Honduras and Guatemala, after endorsing the decision at the UN to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the words of Haley, she is very grateful to the president and the people of Honduras for the support offered in the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, which is a vital support for this. Haley also spoke with the president about other issues such as the hard work of combating drug trafficking and gangs, which has been fruitful but could be better. Hernandez, for his part, pleaded for the United States to extend the Temporary Protection Status to about 60,000 Hondurans that will expire by the middle of this year or to seek a viable and permanent solution for them.

Nikki Haley, spokeswoman and ambassador of the United States to the UN, gave the support of Washington to Juan Orlando Hernandez, the Honduran president, which provoked protests on the part of the opponents, those who consider the November elections as fraud were worse repressed by the police forces. Hernandez, who was re-elected for a contest questioned by the leftist opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship, which accused him of fraud and sporadic street protests, met with Haley in Tegucigalpa.

According to Haley, who was sent by Donald Trump, in the elections people had the right to be upset and be passionate, therefore, the US government believes it vital that the parties dialogue to reach a rational agreement and solve the problems. For his part, Hernandez was gratified by Haley's gesture and, in turn, thanked some opposition leaders for being able to dialogue, alluding to a tweet from Salvador Nasralla, former presidential candidate of the opposition. The US government acknowledged in December 2017 that Hernandez's re-election after almost a month of unrest in Honduras had led to Nasralla opting to withdraw from the struggle for power, despite the innumerable allegations of fraud made by the opposition.

According to calculations by several media outlets, almost 1,000 protesters gathered on Tuesday night to protest Haley's visit, where they burned tires in front of the UN headquarters in Tegucigalpa, led by Nasralla and the coordinator of the alliance, former president ousted in 2009, Manuel Zelaya. Zelaya demanded that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, tell what happened in the elections, that if the true president is Salvador Nasralla, that they grant him his post. It also confirmed that 34 people were detained, tortured in maximum security prisons as criminals recognized for demonstrating and demanding their rights.

The commonwealth has required a dialogue with an intervention of the United Nations, whose recommendations will be of imperative compliance, hence Nasralla affirmed that the opposition National Party accepted a binding dialogue. On the other hand, Guillermo Valle, another leader of the alliance in declarations to the press denounced that the government of the United States supports a military dictatorship, made a call to the reflection to the government to reconsider and stop mistreating the people of Honduras.

After both statements, Nasralla and Zelaya entered the UN office to discuss the matter with the representative, Igor Garafulic, about a fortuitous meeting between the parties. While this interview was taking place, outside the office, dozens of policemen attacked the demonstrators with tear gas, forcing them to scatter.