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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Assange´s tragedy

Por qubano22005

A few weeks ago Julian Assange, the Australian Wikileaks leader, sent a message in which it was evidenced the critical health situation of the Wikileaks’ founder. A “refugee” in London’s Ecuadorian embassy since 2012, he has had his health deteriorated and although Sweden has not reclaim him for the conjecturally sexual crimes, a British court decided recently to maintain into force the detention order. An even when the Swedish closed the case since last May, Westminster’s Magistrate Court backs up the order against Assange for breaking the conditions of his parole in the United Kingdom.

Assange’s case has constantly being followed by the media since his detection was announced. In addition to the steady disclosures published by Wikileaks there is the dramatic political and judiciary entangling aimed at imprisoner and judge the activist. Several humanitarian organizations and human rights’ defenders consider all as a strategy of London and Washington governments to punish Assange for his relevant information leaking.

Despite the arrest warrant against him, the sentence can be urged in superior courts, mainly because according to his lawyers the order “has lost its purpose” since Stockholm no longer requests his international search and extradition.

Hence, the British police have reiterated on several occasions that Wikileaks’ creator will be apprehended if he leaves the embassy of Ecuador. The government and the British court argue the fact he dismissed his court appearance on June 29, 2012.

Judge Emma Arbuthnot ratified the Australian’s refusal to show at the courthouse as a law transgression when he violated the terms of his parole. She highlighted Assange most show with vehemence the reasons why he acted like that, on the contrary, he will be committing a crime and therefore, he has to be sentenced for.

Contrary to London, Quito has reiterated, through its current president Lenin Moreno and other diplomatic officials, the government disposition to keep giving political asylum to Assange, as recently said the South American president who said Julian will stay at the embassy until a viable solution for both parties is found.

Assange has the Ecuadorian nationality after the government of that country decided to grant it to him as a way of solution to his involuntary imprisonment in the embassy of that nation in London.

However, Wikileaks’ creator still fears London police can apprehend him and extradite him to the United States where he will certainly be judged for the leaking of thousands of diplomatic cables and confidential information published by the portal.