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Monday, March 12, 2018

Back to have fun on television

Por sumily

The inconstant methods in the decisions made by the president, his fear of being caught up in the investigation of the Russian intrusion and the slowdown of the legislative plans cause the great talents to remain frightened away. According to the former collaborator of Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, and former president of the House of Representatives John Boehner, Michael Steel, President Trump has not shown an ounce of loyalty to current and former staff, and that is something that everyone knows.

Trump, for his part, has acknowledged that he is a tough boss and that he rejoices to see his taxpayers fight over politics.However, he has complained constantly and in public of the effectiveness of his collaborators, who have charged with all the slips instead of claiming the least responsibility. These aggressions have recently increased. According to two knowledgeable people who are not authorized to speak in public of their private conversations, the president has few people he can count on.

Donald Trump, before becoming the president of one of the most important countries in the world, presented a reality show. The program was that each week one of the participants was expelled. Something similar is happening now in the White House.The western wing of the mansion that houses the offices of the president and his closest collaborators, the West Wing wing, reigns unprecedented chaos amid a wave of resignations, although the president insists that the opposite occurs. The most recent resignation is that of Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser, confronted with the boss over trade policy.

Cohn's departure has unfounded internal fears of even greater migration. The "brain drain" will make it difficult for Trump to carry out his plans, which are now stagnating.According to many White House officials, the president asked his frightening collaborators to continue working.According to Trump, everyone wants to work in the White House, there is not a single official who does not want to be near the Oval Office.

The Office of the Director of Communications of the White House, for example, is about to become vacant after the departure of its fourth tenant, Hope Hicks. Vacancies abound in the West Wing wing and in the government in general, with some posts never occupied and others that have suffered repeated resignations.According to Kathryn Dunn, referring to Tenpas, who studies the rotation of senior staff for the Brookings Research Institute, there are vacancies above the vacancies. His analysis reveals that the resignation rate reaches 40% in just over a year.

When referring to the loss of institutional knowledge and relationships with agencies and Congress added that such turnover of staff creates much disorganization and this is something that cannot be transmitted to the successor.

The rotation of officials after being the same one a year in functions is not in itself novel, nevertheless during the reign of Trump has reached a hurried rhythm, and the allies of the government fear a precipitous fall. Each resignation highlights the start of frenzy and hastens the next. Several officials are speculating about alleged fears of a death spiral in the West Wing.

There are many collaborators who plan to resign and gave their statements on condition of anonymity because they are internal affairs, but they said they had no idea who their successors might be. They also testified that they have remained in their positions more than they anticipated. team spirit.According to White House officials and external allies of Trump, restless about the slowness of the contracts, the coincidence between training to work in the White House and the desire to do so has also been decreasing.