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Monday, March 19, 2018

Chief of mental hospital called The White House

Por freewinds12345

The White House is upside down once again. “Donny” as usually these days is moving the staff of his government and this time a heavy-weight official did the baggage: Rex Tillerson. The person who until this moment seemed Trump’s right hand, and the representative and spokesman of American belligerency policy was suddenly fired and Pompeo will take his seat as the State Secretary. Rex Tillerson had been already famous in the political arena for his aggressive speeches and for representing US rough policy and open nationalist. Now, Mike Pompeo who has been denounced by activists due to war crimes will assume the position.

The president of the United States believes government staff is a baseball team where members get in and out depending on the manager wishes firing and naming new people for strategic seats. But the truth is that according to political analyzers and people inside the government Trump is comfortable with the idea of people loyal to him. On the other hand, he likes people who agree with slogan “Americans first”. It is not an official statement but a loud secret that oil former entrepreneur Rex Tillerson disagreed with Trump several times. Actually, he offended him saying that he was a moron.

Though not offended at all, the “blondie” president is illiterate in a lot of foreign policy topics, so it is possible they argued several times. Nevertheless, despite the offense, some serious media consider Trump’s decision a step in the dialogue with North Korea. They believe Mike Pompeo, a tough man who served in the US army, has experienced to push North Korean diplomatic officials and has the capacity to tackle down North Korea’s nuclear weapon program.

However, there is another theory that is Trump is a dictator. From his throne, he makes statements using the popular platform, Tweeter: “So many people want to come in. I have a choice of anybody. I could take any position in the White House and I’ll have a choice of the 10 top people having to do with that position – everybody wants to be there.” Dictators have said similar words or have acted in a similar way. Just look inside his bitter enemy Kim Jong-un or Maduro.

Donald Trump behavior has been cleared up in a public statement: Tillerson has different mindset compared to him. He blames Rex about Iran deal and his position on it. It is obvious Trump is a fervent believer of Americans first, no matter how. Now Tillerson is paying the consequences, and Donny asked him to step out.

Tillerson had no time to say goodbye. Dinosaur Rex, pardon, Tillerson tried to negotiate and deal with North Korea, something that his “clever” boss considered a wasting of time. For a long time, his boss held the thumbs down regarding the use of diplomacy with the little rocket man (Kim Jong-un). Tillerson received a phone call after midnight from John Kelly who communicated him the unexpected news. In a few words, Kelly said to Tillerson that the top priority was to “ensure an orderly and smooth transition” as the country faces “policy and national security challenges”.