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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cynthia Nixon presents her candidacy to governor of New York

Por Nina

Cynthia Nixon takes the step. In a two-minute video posted on social networks, the actress formally announces her candidacy for the governorship of Andrew Cuomo. "Something must change," says the star who in the series Sex in the City starred in the lawyer Miranda Hobbes. Now she has six months ahead of the campaign until the celebration of the Democratic primaries.

"New York is my home," she says as she starts her first election announcement, "I never lived anywhere else." From there she tells that her mother raised her in a modest apartment without an elevator and that it is also in New York where she is watching her three children grow up. In the first part, she makes a direct defense of public education and recognizes that she had opportunities that the children of now do not have.

At that time, she goes on the attack, to say that the current political leaders are failing the citizens. "We are the most unequal states in the entire country," she says, citing the "incredible" wealth that the highest classes accumulate and that contrasts with the extreme poverty of the most marginalized. "Half of the children in northern areas live below the poverty line," she added.

Nixon wonders aloud how this situation has been allowed to come about. The candidate defends a change "so that our government returns to work" and cites sensitive issues such as health, the massification of prisons and the congestion suffered by the transportation infrastructure in the most important metropolitan area of the United States, in which they reside 12 million people

"We're fed up with politicians who care more about the incumbents and the power than about us," the actress says in the background voice of the ad. At this moment, a video comes from a speech she gave recently in which she says that "this can not continue" and speaks of "overturning the system" if you really want to end the economic and social inequality suffered by New Yorkers.

Nixon, 51, concludes by saying that the time has come for the voters to make themselves heard, "to be visible and to fight." "Together we can win this fight," she says sitting on a train looking at the camera. As political analysts say, it's going to be a battle to win the hearts of Democrats in many ways.