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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Daniela Vega, the new era of cinema

Por mayli2017

In statements to the Saturday supplement, of the newspaper El Mercurio, the mother of Daniela Vega, Sandra Hernandez, said that during the pregnancy the doctors had told her that she was going to have a girl, she, excited, they had prepared the earrings and the pink dress for when he was born. Daniela's destiny was marked.

A victim of harassment at school because of her condition and urged by her mother, Vega turned to the Internet when she was 15 years old to define what her body was like as a Gothic teenager, attracted to men, and that did not fit with homosexuality. I was a transsexual.

It turns out that these were difficult times to confront this news in a society as conservative as the Chilean one, where at present we are still struggling to shake off the legacy of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).Thus, sheltered by her parents, Sandra Hernández and Igor Vega, she began her "transit" to her new sexuality, a process that lasted three years.

The gender transition is a complex process in most cases. However, everything seems to smile to Daniela Vega. The transition of the actress from boy to girl, in addition to having the indelible support of her family and her conversion from hairdresser into an actress of the big screen, received the encouragement of the Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Lelio, winner of the Oscar for the best foreign film.

A transgender woman facing the death of her partner has to face the exclusion and rejection of her husband's family, that is the story of Marina, a character played by Vega in "A fantastic woman", the fifth film by Lelio, and that has put Hollywood at his feet.

Nobody has remained indifferent before the phenomenon of Daniela. Media of the New York Times, El País, The Guardian, or the Vanity Fair, IndieWire, The Hollywood Reporter or have fallen victim to the personality, composure, modesty, and performance of the Chilean actress of 28 years. The American magazine W already includes it in a selection of the best of 2017, in which it is photographed with actor Robert Pattinson.

For its part, the New York newspaper emphasizes the charisma that faces the pity and a measure that can be both intimidating and painful. Likewise, for The Guardian, Vega's performance is vehement, insightful and with prudent sobriety. Those who know her well consider her as an ambitious woman, focused on her future and going far in her career, so she is deeply involved in what she does.

Born into a middle-class family in Santiago, Chile, Vega began his career in the theater, with works such as "Migrants" and "The butterfly woman" and his singing lessons. Self-taught, her aptitudes for the lyric, animated from the school, took her through the world of the arts.In 2014 he was part of the filming of the video clip of the song of Chilean singer-songwriter and guitarist Manuel García, "María", and then made his debut in the cinema with a film by Mauricio López Fernández, "The visit", in which he also played the role of a transgender woman.

Then Lelio appears, born in Argentina and raised in Chile, in the life of Vega and hires her as "cultural adviser" to prepare the script for "A fantastic woman". Then she offers Marina's role, until that moment, Vega earned her living as a hairdresser in a beauty salon in Santiago.