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Friday, March 16, 2018

Donald Trump is turning into a dictator

Por freewinds12345

How many times has America fought against dictators? How many times has America sent its stronger army to overthrow a tyrant? America is still fighting regimens drowning democracy with blood and death. But now US democracy is being sunk by a dictator: Donald Trump, who fired Rex Tillerson just a few days. The ex-State Secretary showed up the real power of diplomacy. However, he has sinned: he questioned the US president criteria about several issues that not only concern him as the leader of the nation but also to the people. Regardless, the president dismissed popular criteria to impose his way of thinking.

He was very clear when kicked out Tillerson from Secretary: He could take any position. In fact he also argued Tillerson did not agree with his way of thinking and with the American First slogan. Not only Rex Tillerson had troubles, but also several members of the staff that have suddenly departed from the White House. Some of them resigned, other ones have been fired by Donald Trump. So far, to track the record of the people who have worked for Trump will be a hard task; in the list, there are many important names of the business world.

Some hours before firing Tillerson, the head of the US state tweeted that he was still seeking perfection under the government. So it is quite possible that a wave of dismissal comes in a few days as a consequence of Donald Trump “search for perfection”. As he said: “I still have some people that I want to change.”

Nevertheless, everybody knows that Donald Trump clashed several times with different members of his team because he wanted to do unconstitutional things or assumed childish behavior in front of the nation and in international issues.

Reviewing Donald Trump, it can be dissected how he is turning into a dictator that wants to violate not only human rights but also American rights backing up on the US constitution. So far everybody knows that America is the modern Empire. Some analysts consider that is greater than Roma´s Empire. Besides their power and force domination, they use non-conventional war ways to create division inside countries, as well as political or economic pressure mechanisms, which have been used slyly. Now Trump wants to make a muscle demonstration to everybody, and that is causing international rejecting.

Let´s see how Trump’s governing his new enterprise called US presidency and the fired list.

Gary Cohn, ex-Director of National Economic Council. He has always disagreed Donald Trump’s protectionist and small vision of the economy.

Hope Hicks, ex-Communications Director. Despite she didn’t have political experience, Hicks quickly gained Trump’s admiration for her decisiveness and unflappability. But white lies about the Russiangate boosted her departure from the White House.

Rob Porter, ex-Secretary Staff: Resigned after been accused of domestic abuse. His ex-wives launched the hot potato to the media, in a year where sexual harassment and abuse have been a constant.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman, ex-Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Although she never had a clear role in the administration, she made public her disagreement with the leadership of the “blondy” saying: It’s not going to be OK. It’s not. It’s so bad.”

Tom Price, ex-Health Secretary. A very funny case, this fine man couldn´t be less. He during chartered private air travels to the tune of more than $one million. But his main sin was to fail president’s attempt to revoke the Affordable Care Act.

Sebastian Gorka: A man with a huge expertise on terrorism and foreign policy, he was forced by John Kelly to go out of the White House.

Steve Bannon, ex-Chief Strategist: US President’s right hand, he also said he made war for Trump, against his opponents, and qualified as betray the meeting of Jared Kushner and others with a Russian lawyer in Trump´s tower.

Sally Yates, ex-Attorney General Michael Flynn, ex-National Security Adviser Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus; James Comey, ex-FBI Chief And the long list goes on, which will probably increase while the president believes that he is playing “monopoly” with US interests.