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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Foreign governments could blackmail Jared Kusnher

Por freewinds12345

Trump is an excellent father-in-law, no doubts about it. He gave his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the job of White House’s senior adviser. But maybe “daddy” Trump is not benevolent at all, and his “son” is burning up by politics issues. Kushner has had more than one trouble since he arrived to Washington to collaborate with the president. He has not only been involved on Robert Mueller´s investigation about the Russiangate, but also he is in the middle of the in the center of the spotlight because of the possible influence and manipulation foreign governments can exercise on him. According to US officials, at least four countries have privately discussed ways they can use to manipulate Jared Kushner.

Former officials are agreeing that the senior adviser of the US president can be blackmailed by four foreign governments taking advantage of his business arrangements and financial difficulties. It´s remarkable that between the countries mentioned on the report there are many US allies. United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and Mexico are the countries concernedon National Security and Kushner´s conversations, and how they can influence him.

One of the first actions to avoid a possible filtration was to downgrade information he had access to from top-secret to secret, and to restrict him the regular access he has had to highly-classified information. H.R. McMaster, Donald Trump's national security adviser, disclosed a brief where he explained the reasons of the measure, arguing the President’s son-in-law coordinated meetings with foreign governments without the permission of National Security Council. In addition, Kushner’s lack of experience on diplomacy and security issues makes him a vulnerable target for the intelligence of US’s enemies

It’s been quite common in this administration that relatives and close people of the president have important and highest positions. Donald Trump maybe thinks that the US Government is one of his personal businesses and he decided to manage like one of them. But to take decisions in a country it is pretty far away from a business manager. It requires geopolitical knowledge and overall discretion. In addition to the beginning of his tenure, Intelligence officers saw his business debt and inexperience as potential points to explode by foreign governments to influence him.

It seems every Donald Trump’s step has no sense, but despite the apparent chaos he calculates every decision he makes. The reason why Kushner is a senior advisor in the White House? Searching for files, during 2016 campaign, Kushner was taking charge of his family business, Kushner Cos, and at the same time helping to Trump's campaign. Nevertheless, dark business or worst deals were done by the senior advisor. One his top business was to invest on 666 Fifth Ave. in New York, which the company bought under his direction for $1.8 billion in 2007, the highest price paid at the time for a US office tower.

After the Great Recession hit, Kushner refinanced it and left the company with a $1.2 billion debt. The main trouble is that the property received foreign money. Before Kushner took his position in the company, he explored several options for the financing. Investors from China, Qatar and like Sergey Gorkov, the top executive of Vnesheconombank, were some of the meetings arranged from which Kushner had trying to inject money into his project.

Regardless, he said family business is separated from his work for the government but none can be sure that some promises were made to overseas enterprises looking for funds. Moreover, deadline for the $1.2 billion looming debt is getting closer and to find a lender is one of the Kushners’ nightmares. That aroused many doubts inside White House former intelligence officers because it’s quite difficult to avoid a potential conflict of interests. Even if it doesn´t happen, Kushner can be tricked and seduced to find a good deal to save his family.

So, Kushner's position is very important to have contacts and future deals with foreign government officials and from negotiating foreign trade deals to overseeing a Middle East peace process where he can get a piece of the cake. That is why in Washington there are many reasons to refuse him a permanent security clearance.

Even so, some government officers involved have declared that Kushner is a professional. Still, Jared Kushner has been already called to Mueller’s office, where he testified about the Russian interference. Robert Mueller warns it could have legal implications. So he is digging out about the protocols that senior advisor followed when he set up conversations with foreign leaders.

Thus, Donald Trump’s government could have another scandal; it seems that fire will never stop inside the White House. Let´s wait and see what will happen in future months with Trump´s family and dilemmas.