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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Golf Makes Donald Trump to Think

Por dbloggers

There is no doubt Donald Trump believes amusement is very stimulating, or at least, it helps him to be more thoughtful. After a “hard” work day in the golf course of his Florida mansion, the US president has agreed to revise the federal records of all people who want to buy fire guns. The protests of dozens of teenagers outside the Florida schools where the shooting took place got the president out of his silence. The public demonstration got the solidarity of Washington students why symbolically protested in front of the White House.

From his Florida residence, 40 miles away from Parkland, the community where 17 people died because of the shooting, the president decreed specific measures on a bi-party project to strengthen FBI data basis of people who were not authorized to buy fire guns. The proposal plans to guarantee that state and federal agencies offer the FBI relevant criminal record accurately. The project was resented after the shooting in a church in Texas in which an ex-member of the USA Air Force with An alarming criminal record killed 24 people.

Although it is not decisive, they will have to wait for Trump’s Tweeter declarations, the analysis of the federal records’ revision are still held in the Senate. In addition, that will incentivize the states to act similarly, a thing they have not the obligation to do. Some analysts believe the lack of universality in data is the gap that many people use to acquire a gun despite having criminal records. The other question is if the measure will be really not approved by the Congress, where Republicans have blocked all attempts for greater control.Even senators like Marcos Rubio have received humble donations from the National Rifle Association that ascend to 3.3 million of dollars, according to the New York Times.

Trump’s craziness and ignorance of the state of the nation and domestic policy embarrass him. Though he blamed Democrats for not taking measures on the gun control, he forgot that one of the decrees was to leave useless a rule of Obama’s administration to avoid certain people with mental disorders to have access to fire guns. Meanwhile, a single hair of the National Rifle Association has been touched. On the contrary, the New Yorker mogul reaffirmed his support to NRA, who knows if some NRA lobby is his rival at golf but, the issue is if this time the incentive will be not prevented by the Congress, where Republicans have stopped bigger control attempts.

Stated by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and essence of the nationalist and identity sentiment of the United States, the right to use guns is out of question for American citizens. Nevertheless, several inquests by Pew Research show the popular request to incorporate regulation changes aimed at a bigger gun control and forbid access to those with criminal records and a questionable history of medical records.

Since Trump seized the power, he has faced serious critics due to bloody shootings frequently happening in the country. His weak answers have undermined his credibility plus the growing of xenophobe and racist groups who see in the current president the support of their white-supremacy ideas.

Last October a man fired openly the audience in a concert. From a hotel room he shot and killed 58 people. Now the victims are the students of Marjory Stoneman DouglasHigh School, who paid the consequences of uncontrolled gun possession.