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Sunday, March 25, 2018

He never got to where his mother was waiting for her

Por sumily

When her friends arrived at the meeting point with the parents, there was Rachel's mother asking for her. No one knew the answer and the teenagers asked each other how it was possible that they would not meet her on the way. The parents immediately began searching the site and calling in reinforcements until a group of 75 people gathered. Erin's father was the one who found her.

On March 17, 1990 they found her, according to the man before the discovery, she said she was dead. Since then, the person responsible for the rape and murder of Rachel Hurley remains free on the streets. In case of those who have new information about the case, the authorities suggest that they communicate with them.

She had spent much of her day reveling in a small group of friends at Jupiter Beach Park in Palm Beach County when Rachel Hurley realized she had agreed to meet with her mother at 3:00 pm.So afraid of being surprised in the company of two boys in what was apparently an afternoon of friends, the 14-year-old girl left alone to rush the 2,000 feet that separated her from Carlin Park, where Andrea Hurley was waiting for her.

However, Rachel never met her mother. His body was found lifeless in an open space that led to a service road, near the parking lot of the Civic Center of Jupiter. The results of the testimony showed that the teenager had been raped and strangled. 28 years ago of the murder of Hurley without, despite the relevance of the case at the time, the responsible could be caught.

The Palm Beach Police said in a written statement that their detectives will not leave this case until they discover who killed Rachel.To make this anniversary distinctive, the police department applied a unique and emotional strategy to recount Rachel's story and call attention to the inhabitants of the district to not shut up if they have any information about his death and his murderer.The agents opened the Twitter account "RachelHurley90".

In the account, they were publishing sentences about the events of the last two days of the adolescent's life in the first person and in the present tense.The tweet with which the story of this unresolved murder begins said that day, a Friday, was a regular and happy day for the girl at Jupiter middle school, especially because she and her friends were very enthusiastic about a sleepover that they would do it at Maddy's, a new student who had recently arrived from New York. After leaving school, Rachel went to her house to pick up what she would take to that night's sleepover, the group of friends had planned to go to the beach the next day, but she also had a hidden reason for the parents: meet two friends.

The night passed without incident. The friends ate pizza and watched the horror film Basket case, directed by Frank Henenlotter. Maddy's father took them all to Jupiter Beach Park the next day, as soon as breakfast was over. The boys, those that the parents did not know, were waiting for them at Zeke's Marina and everyone went on a boat for a walk.