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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Italy: Renzi resigns as leader of the Democratic Party

Por Feco

The leader of the Democratic Party (PD for its Spanish acronym), Matteo Renzi, has announced that he will resign after the bad result obtained by his party in the Italian elections, according to the news agency Ansa and RAI. The former prime minister, who remains silent for now, will soon give a press conference.

The 43-year-old Tuscan politician, Matteo Renzi, has been the big loser at the polls, where his party (which has ruled Italy for the last five years, supported by the center) has barely achieved 23% of the vote, when only three years ago (in the 2014 European elections) it had a popularity close to 40%. On election night, the headquarters of the PD became awake to which Renzi decided not to go, sending one of his collaborators, the acting Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina, who acknowledged that the results showed a "very evident defeat, very clear".

Renzi has suffered in the first person the great fracture of the left in Italy. "Matteo has become in recent months the least loved political leader in Italy," wrote the newspaper 'L'Espresso' at the end of January, very close to the PD. The leader of the traditionally Northern League secessionist, Matteo Salvini, who has outdone Forza Italia (led by Silvio Berlusconi) was elated by the triumph of his formation within the center-right coalition with which he stood for election. "The Italians have rewarded the future," said the leader on Monday. "I am and I will be proudly populist because whoever listens to the people does their work, yesterday's vote has shown it."

The League (which thanks to Salvini deleted the 'North' from the name and became a federalist party with national aspirations) has achieved a historic result (from 4% to 18%) becoming the main force of the center-right and permanently relegating Silvio Berlusconi. Salvini confirmed that he will not break the center-right coalition with the leader of Forza Italia, the far-right Hermanos de Italia of Giorgia Meloni, and other right-wing parties. "Our commitment is with the center-right coalition with which we have the right and duty to govern in the coming years," he insisted. "I said that as prime minister I would talk to everyone but my team is the center-right, they have to be happy in the center right, it is the coalition that has won and has to govern." The new leader of the Italian center-right recognized the triumph of the Movimiento Cinco Estrellas as the first party in number of votes but rejected "strange alliances".

The political heir of Umberto Bossi, the historic founder of the Northern League who had to resign, beset by corruption scandals, is responsible for the transformation of the secessionist project 'Padano' into a national, Eurosceptic and racist party. In the spotlight, the Italians of the south are now immigrants. And to his new electorate, he finally said: "Our path starts from the south, with men and women who want work and not assistance", in reference to the proposal of the Movimiento Cinco Estrellas to establish a citizenship revenue of 780 euros for people who are below the poverty line in exchange for carrying out useful work for the community or training courses.