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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Keep silence, never again

Por mayli2017

No detail goes unnoticed before the cameras in events such as awards ceremonies. In this year's edition, the actress Emma Watson, known for her personification of Hermione Granger in the saga of 'Harry Potter', returned to be the feminist protagonist who has been during almost her entire career as an artist, this time with Movimiento Time's UpThe motto of the time movement, founded on January 1, 2018, by many celebrities in Hollywood about the accusations that received figures such as producer Harvey Weinstein calls for an end to sexual abuse, harassment and inequality in place of work. The creators of Time's Up claim to represent 300 women who work in film, television and theater "and tell the origin of Time's Up.

Emma Watson, on the occasion of the great festival of cinema, wanted to have a gesture to Time's Up, a movement that combats sexual harassment and discrimination against women in the film industry. Therefore, the British actress, 27, wore during a party after the Oscar ceremony offered at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts of Beverly Hills, California in the United States, by Vanity Fair, a temporary tattoo in honor to the initiative of which she herself is one of the most visible faces.

However, the drawing on his right forearm read Times Up instead of Time's Up, which in Spanish means time is up. Before this, dozens of users of social networks did not take long to put the cry in the sky for the grammatical error, the lack of apostrophe.The actress, known for her role in the Harry Potter saga, who has since starred in several films, "Beauty and the Beast" also received the support of many people.

In her defense, many stressed that the hashtag of the movement, #TimesUp, does not have an apostrophe. Watson did not take long to get ahead and preferred to respond to comments in a humorous key by asking on his Twitter account that she had a vacancy, with the only requirement of having experience with apostrophes. The actress recently donated 1.38 million to a campaign against harassment, and soon several users volunteered to take the job.

Born after the harassment scandal broke out of producer Harvey Weinstein, the Oscars were not the first prizes in which Time's Up was present.During the 75th edition of the Golden Globes, the awards granted by the Association of the Foreign Press of Hollywood in January, in recognition of the excellence of professionals in film and television, most of those present chose to wear black on the carpet red in reference to movement. Likewise, at the 38th edition of the Brit Awards, the annual awards of the British Phonographic Industry, attendees at the O2 Arena in London carried white roses for the same reason.