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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Kobe Bryan signs with a new team, the Oscar winners

Por dbloggers

Kobe Bryan is seriously thinking about retiring from NBA and he surprised everybody last Sunday with a new award in his glass cabinet: an Oscar has been added, among other prizes like NBA’s MVP and NBA Championship. It looks like the LA Lakers player is a man of multiple talents, since he dunked a score ball in the most important and valuable Cinema Industry event, achieving another victory to his well-known sports life. The Academy Award went to Kobe Bryant for his animated short film DearBasketball, of which he is executive producer, writer and narrator. He was an unexpected winner of the 90th edition of Oscar’s Ceremony.

The film, about Bryan’s career in basketball, tells his beginnings in the dribbling and dunk sports since he was a child, to NBA, where he became a star and idol of, in that time, the most important basketball team in the US: Los Angeles’s Lakers. The movie shows an animated Bryant who starts a journey through his own life as a professional player while explaining his love for the sports for 20 years. Along with Bryant, there was Glen Keane, who worked in Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, and this time he animated the film, besides the heavy-weight and Oscar-winner John Williams, who composed the Dear Basketball’s soundtrack.

Apparently, Kobe has not enough with his great career at NBA where he conquered five times NBA’s Championship, the 2007-08 NBA’s MVP award, two times NBA’s Finals MVP award, fifteen times All-NBA’s selection, two times the scoring champ and eighteen times All-Star’s. Now, he is into animation world and film business. It is too soon to say if it’s a hobby or if he is wasting time doing something he enjoys enough to become successful as during his NBA time. Bryant has revealed himself as an artist, not only on the basket floor but also at media and entertainment business. ESPN announced they will broadcast a new basketball show called Detail that Bryant will write, produce and host.

He has stated on several occasions his intention to become sports into something important in the humans’ lives. He also believes that through sports people can unite worldwide because they are connected to the same feeling pretty much like music does. So, movies and documentaries will be the way Kobe found to make people think. Kobe has said that it seemed mad when he decided to write stories about sports and basketball, specifically. Many relatives and close friends who listened to his comments believed that was part of the depression facing the process of retirement. Therefore, winning an Oscar was a validation that the man is definitely and totally “crazy”.

Despite Bryan’s moment at Oscars, he was sullied by some activists that reminded the famous basketball player was charged of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman in Colorado in 2003. Someone got upset and said it was a sacrilege to reward Kobe in a ceremony dedicated to empowering women to speak out against sexual harassment and abuse. But the case was dismissed because the judge determinate mutual consensus. Kobe once time again score!