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Thursday, March 8, 2018

NBA score on sexual harassment

Por dbloggers

Dirty waters have flooded with sexual harassment the National Basket Association (NBA) too. Apparently, Mark Cuba, an NBA popular and powerful character like Harvey Weinstein in his glory times, has been pointed out by the media as a long-running sexual harasser. Owner of the Dallas Maverick basketball team, Cuban has not been accused of sexual harassment but has commissioned an independent investigation. He was surprised and horrified with the revelations of the inquest. They were made public by Sports Illustrated (SI), where the case of former team president and CEO Terdema Ussery was accused of sexual harassment by Dallas Maverick’s employees.

Members of Dallas Maverick staff denounced a hostile work environment where the executive has had sexual misbehavior. Sports Illustrated’s investigates ten teams in the United States. They collected testimonies after several months of research. This aberrant behavior was allowed by CEO Terdema Ussery, also deeply involved in it. An anonymous source that worked at Mavs said it was like in movies, but in the real life. However, it was quite different inside the wardrobe where players were kind and respectful, reveals a person to Sl.

Mark Cuban has already said that he didn’t know anything about it. Nevertheless, he has to take some measures like to fire the Humans Resources director, Buddy Pittman and Earl K. Sneed, journalist of Mavs official website, both accused of sexual misbehavior with women in the organization. Maverick’s team has also said to the press they decided to carry out an investigation internally to find out the whole truth about the issue. NBA also supports Mavs and has said that they are open to giving resources and information about it.

In addition, American media said Cuban is either a complicity participant or an incompetent. To label him of both things is pretty hard because Cuban has polished his reputation during years as entrepreneur-savant. It is quite hard to believe that Cuban never heard anything about what was happening on the board. If he turns over his face or not is something that must be seen but, so far, he is trying to clean up the board and self-protect it from possible accusations.

Sports Illustrated has no more information about sexual abuse on NBA but it is expected that in a few days new reports about it will come to the light.

After Harvey Weinstein’s scandal and #Metoo movement’s blossom, a lot of sexual abuse and harassment cases have been denounced. Actually, the United State Olympic Committee, the United State Olympic Gymnastics and Michigan State University are still under investigation after Larry Nassar´s case that involves several Olympic Medalist winning like SimmoneBiles, Ally Raisman and others.

Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks for $285m in 2000 when he was 42 years old, and they won the NBA title in 2011. He’s also known as Shark Tank, one of the TV reality shows’ investors. Besides, he is quite accessible to press and sometimes he sits with fans in the arena. Billionaire, he has a touch for entertainment and has many followers because he likes to share with people, according to him the only way to be successful in business and life.