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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New drugs penalties

Por qubano22005

Trump´s fight against opioid drug addiction nationwide doesn´t rest. Recently he announced a new plan to combat drug traffickers that included death penalty. Indeed many states already charge with top penalty drug dealers if a customer overdose. Florida charged with first-degree murder a person who provides cocaine, heroin or the powerful opioid fentanyl. The drug dealer can sentence prison for life or death. While the head of the state is trying to tackle drugs traffic by another hand several states are trying to legalize Marihuana as medicinal drug. After Donald Trump seized the presidency has increased the use of 1980 laws that ban Drug-induce homicide.

Trump see has a way of ban and win the war against drugs to establish death penalty. Being tough and to have a closed fist against drug would solve the trouble. He expressed that is the only way. During a rally at Pennsylvania he told that some countries like Singapore have fewer troubles with drugs because they harshly punish dealers. Later at White House he commented that Singapur have lowest troubles because they have the way, they have harshly penalties.

Nevertheless there is not any evidence of a reduction of drug use and traffic. Doug Berman, a law professor at Ohio State University, considers that issue must is solve and decided by Supreme Court. He also added that it should be clear the law about it. The justice department by another hand clarifies some items about federal death penalty. Some violations are mentioned by the Justice Department, including “drug kingpin” provisions of federal law.

Chicago, Los Angeles and New York are the places where drugs from Mexico arrive easy. Trough the border every year thousands of drugs tons arrived to US. Maybe for that reason Donald Trump not only launched a war against drugs, also against Mexicans and emigrants whose he considers as drug dealers and rapist. For him Mexican has the fault of the several opioid crisis. But he missed an important detail. His closer allied Colombia is one of the greatest grower of opioid in Latin America.

It´s true that drug infection comes from the south, but not only are Mexicans has blame, other nationalities are involved on drugs business. US is the most important market for dealers. In one hand it is the country of US dollars and gathering in the same country many mobs chiefs. And like Damocles sword, democracy conspired too. Why? Striptease club, where u can do whatever you want, Casinos and night clubs where to consume drugs is the main service or better saying is the hook to get clients. So despite there are regulations the government and authorities have “blind eyes”. It is necessary to keep money rolling and pay taxes to support the government. As an old saying says: Money talks, bullshit walks.

Maggie Hassan a Democratic senator believes that Trump´s speech is an insult and the country efforts should be to stop the crisis. She added that is a sin the comparison that Trump did between guns possession and drugs. In a superficial comment he asked himself how it is possible that a person in US can get death penalty for shooting, but a drug dealer who potentially kills thousands. Although in a way he is right, is not at all. The full analysis should be the implications of every actor on the drugs traffic. It means consumers and dealers.

According Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports prescription opioids, heroin and synthetic drugs such as fentanyl, killed more than 42,000 people in the US in 2016.