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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Pittsburgh Pirates: It’s all on you!


This winter that is about to end has been disappointing for the fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates when talking about baseball. Enthusiasts will start the season very angry with their Pirates, nevertheless, the team's young material can make them forgive very quickly, and hopes of returning to the playoffs are reborn. It all depends on them.

The Pittsburgh Pirates let go of their best pitcher and the team's flagship player and all that after two seasons of not reaching the playoffs. Gerrit Cole is now with the Astros and that leaves the whole pack on the hill to the prospects of the organization that, although they have many faculties, have not been able to materialize for one reason or another, and their process has been delayed.

Jameson Taillon had the Tommy John surgery almost four years ago, and in 2017 he suffered the painful situation of testicular cancer that fortunately came out well, but these are circumstances that have caused his evolution as a pitcher in the big leagues to go slower than what is scheduled. Along with Chad Kuhl, Tyler Glasnow and the now experienced Ivan Nova, they will have the responsibility to "maturing" in the heat of the battle and give the Pirates not a reality yet, but the hope of postseason aspirations in a couple of years.

Andrew McCuthen went to San Francisco, taking the hearts of several fans in the Steel City, where the discomfort with the team is great. And the exodus could continue, since Starling Mars, Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer are in the last year of their contracts and the team could dispense with their services even before the end of the 2018 season. There is still young material to fill those positions, however.

Josh Bell was third in the Rookie of the Year voting and is the owner of the first base in this new reconstruction process. Adam Frazier took advantage of the absence due to Marte’s suspension last year and that will be worth to start in this new campaign. Gregory Polanco will also not go anywhere as he will remain a daily outfielder in Pittsburgh. In the catcher position, Francisco Cervelli has the opportunity to become the new big favorite of the fans, since the public in Pittsburgh is very fond of his personality and his dedication in the field, although his problem in recent years has been the lesions.

In case of having physical difficulties again, the Pirates have Elias Diaz as a substitute, so that position is very well covered. New restructuring began in Pittsburgh. Those in charge of carrying it out know the organization very well, since Neil Huntington, the General Manager, and Clint Hurdle, the manager, received contract extensions last September and will be with the club until 2021, so there is no doubt that in them lies the task of raising this team again. Would that be possible?