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Monday, March 5, 2018

Russia listens to Washington yelling

Por dbloggers

A new episode from the United States of America and Russia soap-opera was released these days. It is now Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, who is addressing belligerent statements and challenging US government to show more convincing evidence about the implications of the Russian citizens in the 2016 elections. “I have to see first what they have done”, replied Putin during an NBC´s interview when he was asked about the Russian citizens that Robert Mueller indicted recently in his investigation. “Give us materials; give us information,” concluded Vladimir who also mocked about the “yelling and hollering in the United States’ Congress.”

Russian president ironically replied that US Congress must have people with legal degrees if they want to manage the business well. Unquestionably, Donald Trump is a shameful page of the US history. He also answered that Moscow will not take responsibilities of 13 indicted if they didn’t violate the Russian laws.

Despite his threats against North Korea, Russia, China, Syria and other countries, no one cares about Donald Trump because the guy is a joke on diplomacy. His ignorance about foreign policies, even domestic policy and economy, has made him a clown to the eyes of the international community. Many analyzers believe that his rude words and insolent manners unaccredited Washington’s leadership on international diplomacy. Only guns and nuclear weapons keep the fear go on when it comes to respecting the White House. However, Vladimir Putin recently broadcasted a bellicose speech where he said that he is pretty confident on Russia’s new nuclear weapons and that they will not accept any threat from any country. Putin was sending a clear message to the US that after Trump presidency has had an arrogant position against its enemies and allies as well who are turning their back to Washington.

Furthermore, Putin’s warned that Russia can hit any place, point or target in the world, and US missile shield is an umbrella with holes for their weapons. So, the water is boiling or, using TV show language, the plot is on its higher point. What would happen? Nobody knows, the truth is that the controversial elections made headlines, as well as this president that is in the middle of the fire between Robert Mueller’s investigation, Russian interference, belligerency, controversial laws and anti-immigrant policies; at the end, he is showing a full incapacity to manage a huge and powerful nation like the United States is.

The 2016 interference on presidential elections has darkened after US Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians and three firms as responsible, an event that finished with the incredible and unexpected victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the one who won the popular vote. Some military and intelligence officers blamed the Kremlin of hacking American technology companies as Facebook, and also of spreading fake news and rumors on the social networks. Another allegation is that Russia knew about those persons but Intelligence did not stop them.

Those Russian citizens were accused by a Special Counsel of stealing social security numbers of Americans and opening fraudulent accounts to spread negative propaganda about Hillary Clinton. In addition, on Robert Mueller’s report, there is evidence that proves those citizens had an espionage and conspiracy behavior. Nevertheless, who paid them or what reasons pushed them to commit those criminal acts, is still under investigation.