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Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia, poisoned by United Kindom and US

Por dbloggers

Teresa May will show no compassion with the Russia’s State. The United Kingdom announced a package of restrictions and sanctions against Moscow as a reply of Russia’s recently poison attacks alleged by United States and UK. Among them there are visa bans and crackdowns on Russian money in the UK. The Prime Minister is looking for an international coalition-European Union, NATO and United Nations- to restrain Russia and punish it. Theresa May has already the support of key European leaders and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). What is Russia indicted for now? Russia has been accused of poisoning Sergei and YuliaSkripal.

Responding to May’s measures, Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Affairs ministry, said Moscow is not scared and is ready for any kind of attack. Recently, Vladimir Putin showed off Russian nuclear weapons and made a public warning to US and coalition.

Russia has tried to make clear they had nothing to do with the attacks and they don´t have to obey of any responsebeing pushed by the deadline that West set for it. In addition, Russia demanded evidences that Novichok–a nerve agent- was used inthe attacks to be examined by Russian experts. Besides, they claimed to follow international protocols established when a nation violates them. According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry and UN terms a country accused by another one has 10 days to reply. Russian foreign ministry considers the accusations as openly provocative and warned about precipitate actions and restrictions. “Any threats of sanction measures against Russia will not be left without a response,” he said.

Regardless UK has asked how it was possible that a nerve agent from Soviet Union era was found in Mr. Skripal and his daughter’s systems. Russia’s silence about facts was taken by May as an irrefutable conclusion of Moscow’s guilt. On the other hand diplomatic officials from UK are persuading Donald Trump to recognize that Putin’s government has real reasons to kill Sergei and YuliaSkripal. Sergei is a Russian double agent convicted due to espionageservices for UK.

May already expulsed from Britain 23 diplomats declared as suspects of being intelligence officers, they only had a week to go out of the country. Also, UK Prime Minister said they will freeze Russian assets and any clues that point the fingers to criminals and corrupts elites are disguised behind a diplomatic face.

In spite of that, Russia during a press release warned about they will reply in case Russia state is been harmed by restrains. But Trump is a chess hard player. He must demonstrate he supportsthe UK or he will be accused of colluding with the Kremlin to win 2016 elections.

Angela Merkel, German chancellor, in another leader that should be careful with diplomacy because she expects Putin’s reelection will be the key to reopens Ukraine’s peace process. In the same direction goes the French president, Emmanuel Macron who hopesto dialogue with Putin about Ukraine.

True or false once again a scapegoat is been used to attack Russia’s State. Despite that, there is not any evidence of Moscow’s involvement and, in a precipitate movement, Europe and their allies united to accuse Putin’s government. It’s quite clear that since Ukraine’s war and Russia economy boosted West charges the Russians of every single thing that happens in their countries. The ironic thing is that the Euro-Asiatic nation has been surrounded by NATOthat every year adds a new member of the old Socialism block or an ancient Soviet country. Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, believes Novichok could come from a former Soviet country and for them is almost impossible to control them.

What will happen? Nobody knows, but West must be think twice and hold on to diplomacy because it’s pretty sure that Putin had information about some kind of political chicanery to involve Moscow and for that reason he showed a few weeks ago a new range of nuclear weapons and addressed a belligerent speech.