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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Storm” vs Trump

Por qubano22005

Donald Trump’s scandal on sexual abuse made him once again to be in the spotlight. A few weeks ago, he made the headlines of US media that related the American president to sexual harassment. It must be reminded that during his campaign he addressed a misogynic speech and sexual discrimination comments on a video. Now one more time is on set the adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, who sued President Donald Trump because she never signed an agreement about keeping her quiet about an “intimate” relationship between them. But Trump rejected that accusation and added that he never had an affair or any relationship with Daniels.

It seems that Stephanie Clifford, real name of Daniels, is a real storm and she is now getting headlines due to her allegation filed in Los Angeles. She is not upset of having had an affair with “Donny”, the point is that she is really mad because she has pointed Trump by spreading the voice about her relationship with the mogul and now she is claiming the agreement is invalid. So she is free to publicly discuss her relationship with Trump.

As a curious detail, the facts happened just before elections. Many articles and documents are floating on the surface about Donald Trump’s flub during his campaign. First, there were the Russians, then Jared´s debts and loans, and now the cerise on the top of the cake, a porn actress that sues him.

Michael Avenatti, Clifford’s lawyer, said on Tweeter that 2 documents were signed that link the president with the adult-film actress. According to the records and Michael Cohen, lawyer of the president, Mr. Trump never signed any of the documents using his name. The “confidentiality” agreement was signed by Trump as David Dennison and Clifford as Peggy Peterson, to protect the persons involved. But there is a side letter agreement that reveals identities on both sides, filed the lawsuit.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment since 1980. Some of the most important reports were made by his ex-wife Ivana, by businesswoman Jill Harth that sued Trump in 1997 alleging nonviolent sexual harassment, by and Summer Zervos who said that Trump was sexually suggestive during their meeting, kissing her open-mouthed, groping her breasts.

It is quite hard to know if Clifford is searching a reward or just publicity and fame. Maybe she is responding to a Zervos’ subpoena that claims for a testimony or a document of any woman who asserted that Donald J. Trump has inappropriately behaved. In Los Angeles County Superior Court, Clifford wants to declare the agreement and side-agreement unacceptable. On the other hand, Mr. Trump’s lawyer said that he paid Clifford $130,000 of his own money in 2016, but no one of Trump’s team of Trump was part of the transaction.

The main thing is that really happened so it is quite possible “Stormy” is saying the truth. Despite that, she received $130,000 and in return, Stormy should not release the information. Regardless, Donald Trump likes Stormy or at least to be close, because since 2011 Clifford is giving news about their relationships. At that moment she said to In Touch Weekly magazine that she had an affair with Trump after they met at Lake Tahoe golf.

“Stormy” winds are quite known among men that like to go to Gossip Gentleman Club in Long Island, New York, where she used to pose for pictures and perform a striptease show.

Donald Trump, since he seized US presidency, has been involved in several scandals, but also in a series of contradictions that bluster his administration in the White House. He is the man that has blockbustered emigrants and qualified as “shithole” citizens from El Salvador, Haiti and Africa. In addition, he is the man that wants to eliminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and at the same time to arm teachers at schools, the same person who went out from Paris Agreement and currently the gentleman that has an affair with a porn artist and signed a hush agreement. What’s next Trump?