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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Teenagers against guns

Por dbloggers

An adolescent walks for the street of Miami, meets with some friends, gathering with them and despite a few weeks has passed he is wondering what happened on the neighborhood school where 17 persons died after a fatidical gunshot that occupied the headlines of media on US. He and his partners are agreeing about the fact of stop the violence and to have a law the controlled the possession of guns.

Every day that they pass inside the school they are having more fear because nobody knows where it will occur the next shooting. A young man from Chicago, Angelo MacDade, felt the desire of joining to the cause of Parkland to fight against gun´s tenure.

His personal experiences push him to learn to deal with people that have been inside gunshots. Also, his grandfather and cousin were impacted by bullets when they were talking on the front porch. The experience of Parkland Students that organized a walk and sent several letters to the White House touched him and some partners that also has experienced being in a gunshot. So his point of view is that a gun reform should be carried out to avoid other shootings at schools. 

Now, at his school, he is planning to walk out as a support of Parkland students and across the country where has had a shooting. For him, it is a way of request government attention to a problem that they have been battle and live for several years. The walkout of the students is inspired by Emma Gonzalez, the teenager that rose up her voice after Parkland and faces the president and the government because they were quiet and freeze after the shooting. Besides, Emma was the spokesperson that request for a gun reform about the possession of guns. According to a report, Emma Gonzalez, students from Parkland gathering with Angelo and colleagues from Chicago and had a long chatting about Gun´s control. Also, they recognize that they are all fighting the same battle. Emma believes that everyone who has been shot at and terrorized by gun violence in America should be fighting too for gun restrictions.

Maybe the teenager’s movement will not bigger as once time movement against Vietnam´s war, but every day gain supporters and resources that strengthen the movement and it is possible that can attract the government attention and teenagers help to stop violence on cities.

Charlie Ransford an analyzer from Chicago believes that “If the (young activists) keep going, they just have a ton of power and influence that can push for solutions for preventing mass shootings and for violence in cities like Chicago. Students from Chicago believes that is a way if be in solidarity with the Parkland students and all that has suffered a school shootings

For many Chicago teens, gun violence is part of daily life and something they’ve been fighting against for years. Chicago has a historical record of violence. Since the time of mafia around the 30 and until today guns shooting is an unavoidable situation on their streets. For that reasons Angelo and other members of communities and Schools, presidents believe on the necessity of a peace movement that helps to get conscience about the social phenomenon. Diana Shulla-Cose, founder and President Students at Perspectives Charter Schools, teach how to develop independent thinkers and ethical leaders, and peace talks. Similar case Jailene Valenzuela, a senior at Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart in Wicker Park, trains students how to live with and foster tolerance.

Angelo, a Chicago´s student, Emma Gonzalez and several names will grow up and spread around a nation that needs that the community stands up against violence and gun´s violence. Their voices are a claiming of most part of the country that doesn´t want anymore to cry their children. It´s the desire of mom´s that every day waits that their sons and daughter came back safe from the school.