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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The attacks are aimed at random people

Por mayli2017

The police chief of Austin warned of the risk that a child who is playing on the street could be a target of one of these events, given the recent events in Texas. According to the special agent of the FBI that participates in the investigations, Christopher Combs added that this last event changes everything.

Explosives are very sophisticated and do not target a specific individual. More than 100 agents, some specialized in explosives, are working on trying to locate the suspect.In any case, the agents consider that the author is launching a message.

The police raised the reward for a clue about the attacks to 115,000 dollars and asked the citizens to exercise extreme caution and vigilance."We need any clue, any information, however inconsequential, that one may believe it is," Manley stressed. But, for now, the hysteria is invading Austin: the police authorities have responded to 700 calls about suspicious packages.

In 15 days there have been four bombs, two dead and at least four injured. The chain of recondite explosions that has sown terror in Austin in Texas, recorded its last delivery on Sunday night.A cable-activated device detonated in a residential area as two white men passed by.

The state of both was serious, although it was not feared for his life. The police force of Austin warned that it is a "serial attacker" and that his attacker shows knowledge of explosives, however, the agents are unaware of the reasons for the alarming and enigmatic deflagrations.

The researchers involved believe that these crimes are increasingly prepared. So far the attacks had been consummated with bomb packages left at the door of the houses. But the case of the last, the device was placed on the street and with a more complex machinery.

The authorities believe they have a "high degree of confidence" that it is the same person who has made all the explosives.Brian Manley, the chief of the Austin Police, said that what they have witnessed is a significant change in the pattern of behavior: the first occasions were defined objectives, now it is an attack on randomly chosen walkers, which It changes the way you see things.

The authorities' message to people is that they do not handle suspicious packages or do not pick them up. From now on it is up to them to have an extra level of vigilance, especially in the face of anything that seems out of place.For his part and looking to calm people a little, Steve Adler, the mayor of the city, in statements to the television network Abc. He assured that the population had an army of federal agents.

The State has made available to the authorities whatever is necessary, as well as ensuring that they will find the person responsible for these tragic events. The two victims were friends and known members of the local African-American community. This fact made the investigators suspect that there could be a racial motivation in the attacks. However, the fact that the two wounded on Sunday are white has weakened this hypothesis.