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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The insane Trump attacks the UK

Por qubano22005

The current president of the United States Donald Trump has this time made the health system of the United Kingdom the target of his attacks on Tweeter. It seems Trump does not understand how the UK’s health system works and considers it is precarious. On this regard, the secretary of the British Health Department, Jeremy Hunt, said using the same social network it was not the first time Trump attacked it, but this occasion he has the purpose to discredit the Democrat Party and to unconstraint the ObamaCare, the former president Barack Obama’s law on health care.

Trump made these insidious Tweeter statements on the British health system and criticized its function and feasibility.

With his poison dart not only directed to the United Kingdom but also to Democrats, he said the UK health system was in bankruptcy and broken, quite the opposite to America’s health system where, according to him, was jeopardized by Democrats who pretended to “increase the taxes in order to have an unacceptable healthcare service instead of a personalized one. “Thanks but, no thanks!”, he said.

Without knowing the real reasons why protests on the universal healthcare took place in the United Kingdom, Trump was the first to point the finger against his allies. His untactful comment happened after a message was broadcasted by FOX regarding the issue in which an activist and ex-leader of the UKIP Party was the main source. The ironic part is the diatribe between the British government and Protestants was similar to the ideas of the New Yorker magnate, who absurdly tried to ally them. Apparently, the United States, particularly the government, is getting so isolated that its president searches cause to support even without being concern about its origins. Mere coincidence he has made comments yet on Cataluña’s case.

On the other hand, Hunt said despite the discontent he is sure none of the Protestants would like to live in a country where millions of people don’t have medical insurance. Likewise, Hunt stated he is proud to live in the United Kingdom, the nation that created universal medical insurance and added the most remarkable thing was British people are able to receive medical treatment no matter their incomes.

With this answer and with a cold and diplomatic tone, the British Health Department’s secretary was superior to Trump’s vulgar and disrespectful speech towards his neighbors. It is important to recall the Unites States of America have a system of medical insurances for medical charges, which works like a business that generates numerous earnings and that every year exposes to death thousands of people who have no medical cover.

It’s quite natural a businessman like Donald Trump only thinks about bills more than human lives. According to him and the real reason he has tried to execute the ObamaCare project, is the high number of capital the government has to spend on it. Meanwhile, London and other cities of the United Kingdom claim a bigger support from the National Health System that guarantees healthcare to all citizens who live legally in that nation.

And although Trump could not stop the ObamaCare’s enforcement, the health law made by the previous US president, he has managed to eliminate instrumental sections of the rule to control the prices in the markets.

This last attack of Trump wrecks Theresa May’s attempts to maintain the cordial relationships with UK traditional ally. The madness of the “emperor” and his digital throne Tweeter dashes any human confraternity attempt.