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Saturday, March 3, 2018

The "noble" ideas of Marco Rubio

Por mayli2017

The president, Donald Trump, and the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, agree with Marco Rubio's bill, which calls for young adults to access and buy weapons. However, other Republican lawmakers agree with the NRA, which opposes Rubio's stance on preventing young adults from buying guns. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democratic representative and non-voting legislator representing the District of Columbia, urged Rubio to reconsider his bill, following his comments after the Parkland High School massacre.

Allowing a young adult to buy a weapon is a greater danger to the inhabitants and visitors of the District of Columbia. Senator Rubio's bill would exclude the total prohibition of weapons in schools in that territory. The shooting in Parkland on February 14 is a tragic show of the danger posed by these weapons of war for children. It's time for someone to put a stop to dangerous laws initiatives like these.

After looking directly into the eyes of a man who lost his daughter in the high school massacre in Parkland, Florida, amid an intense public debate that took place with students and parents of that school and assure him that young adults, they should not be able to have access to weapons, nor buy them, Marcos Rubio, contemplates within their projects, that has presented twice, of course, eliminate the prohibition on assault weapons and legalize the sale of weapons to young adults in the capital of the country, which would trigger that anyone who is over 18 years old can buy weapons such as the AR-15, the rifle used by Nikolas Cruz, the aggressor of the Parkland massacre.

If the federal law does not change, this could be another of the atrocities committed by the US government, after its people suffered one of the largest massacres in the history of the country. After presenting the initiative for the first time in 2015, Rubio, a Republican from Florida, while running for the Republican nomination, Rubio's rating by the National Rifle Association (NRA) went from B + to an A. At that time He introduced the bill and did it again in 2017, a project that would radically change the gun laws in the District of Columbia.

On one occasion he was described as a "big disappointment" by the NRA lobbyist, Marion Hammer, after hesitating about a bill that granted people with a concealed weapon license to carry them in their vehicle in the work, now with this proposal of change of law returns to be well stopped before the NRA.

According to NRA spokeswoman in 2015, Jennifer Baker, Marco Rubio has an impeccable record of voting in the Senate, reflecting years of votes in defense of the Second Amendment. For her part, spokeswoman Olivia Pérez-Cubas said that Rubio's bill on weapons in the District of Columbia will not change in the light of her new position. For Pérez-Cubas, if this law is approved, the District of Columbia must comply with it. If the federal law that determines the minimum age for the purchase of weapons and semiautomatic rifles changes, then the law that governs the District of Columbia will change as well.