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Thursday, March 8, 2018

"The" obstacle for women in their International Day


Even in the 21st century, women have a lot of demons to beat. When the world is to mark another International Women's Day, Spanish ABC reported on the issue of wage gap, one which greatly affects women all over. What is noticeable is that no matter the attempt of changing policies, this continues to pose a worldwide problem.

The wage gap is the great enemy to beat in the demands of the International Women's Day. But how is this wage gap represented in some countries? According to official statistics, French women earn 9% less than men, when they work in the same positions, and 25% less in global terms. The average monthly salary is 1,962 euros for women and 2,410 euros for men. One in two French women thinks that being a woman is an "obstacle" for their professional career.

Since the beginning of this year, German workers have the right to know the remuneration of their male colleagues who perform the same work as them, according to a law passed in March 2017, which came into force this year: the Law for the Promotion of Transparency in Salary Structures. However, according to the government data, the German women continue to receive 21% less. When we turn to Russia, the deputy prime minister, Olga Golodets, said women receive a salary that is 26% lower than that of men in equivalent jobs. Golodets, which is responsible for overseeing the activity of various ministries, Health, Education and Social Affairs among others, also directs the Intergovernmental Council on National Strategy for Women, whose plan extends to the year 2022.

As for America, the wage gap in Mexico is 16.7%, slightly above the average of 14.3% of the 35 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In the latest report by the organization on the fight for gender equality in the world, it is worth noting that Mexico has recently approved important policies to close the gap between men and women. For example, 42% of the members of the Chamber of Deputies are women - above 28% of the average in the OECD - a success that has been achieved thanks to the implementation of quotas.

At the same time, a series of scholarships have been created that allow the number of men and women studying at the university to be similar, which facilitates their inclusion in the labor market. What about the USA? Well, the most repeated statistics in the US to describe the wage gap between men and women is 80%, according to the ABC publication. This is the percentage of salary that women receive on average compared to men. The figure is the result of comparing the average salary of men who work full time with that of their female companions. "It is a shame. Women deserve the same salary for the same job, "said the former US president. Barack Obama in one of his speeches on the state of the Union. A reality that is yet to change not only in the so-called greatest country of the planet, but everywhere.