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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trump wil never stop to built

Por qubano22005

The construction of a border wall with Mexico has been one of Donald Trump administration’s obsessions. Well, it could not be said if it’s an obsession or part of his anti-immigrant plan that affects all the social sectors of the United States, a country of emigrants, the problem is that we are not talking of Norway, Denmark or Finland emigrants who are the ones that Trump would love to settle down in the United States, we are referring to those immigrants from the South, those who cross the border from Latin America which, according to the US president, are the primarily responsible for the country’s drug and violence issues.


According to the president, the construction of the controversial work will begin as soon as the sufficient financial resources are approved. The work has created friction between Mexico and US governments, whose relations are sustained by close economic ties, but politically they diverge on various concerns. However, far from approaching his closer South neighbor, Trump has back-stepped, pressuring Mexicans to pay for a work that does not benefit them as a country. It’s well known that one of the most important income sources in Mexico is family remittances from the North, which not only help the most disadvantaged families of the Aztec land, but also their economy.

After fierce debates over its approval or not, the real estate tycoon got more than a trillion dollars approved for that purpose. The concrete barrier with detractors inside and outside the United States will be one of the fulfilled promises of Trump’s campaign, whose idea was praised by a high number of voters, several of them xenophobic and white supremacists. One of Trump's major "works" received the support of the Senate and House of Representatives who approved an amount of $ 1.6 billion from the government's bipartisan budget. The construction of a wall, that will cover 140 kilometers between the two countries, will also improve the technology and therefore, the security in the border area.

In a legislative movement, Trump turned into a law the plan that generated intense work days in the Senate and the Representative House. Although Trump said from his Twitter throne to be satisfied to meet one of his campaign’s objectives, he showed concern about the rest of the money needed he believes it will come eventually. However, he always blamed the legislators for not contributing in a forceful way to the solution of a national security problem. According to some specialists, one of the measures to accomplish the target will be to replace part of the existing barriers in the border area.

From the beginning of the proposal of the wall construction and before the refusal to grant him the money, Trump demanded his Mexican counterpart, Enrique Peña Nieto, to pay for it. Nevertheless, the Mexican president has repeatedly responded negatively to the request, which has been one of the few political victories of the Mexican president, whose obscure administration where disappearances and corruption pervade the media daily shadows his governmental performance.

Another of the battles that the US president will fight these days will be the one referred to the DACA project (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) with which he is not very happy and whose non-elimination by the Democrats has darkened his mood on several occasions. Perhaps one of his next political movements is precise to eliminate DACA in order to gain government budget for its wall.