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Friday, March 9, 2018

What Hillary should say

Por freewinds12345

Monica Lewinski spent many hours in the lonely room of her house crying and suffering from embarrassment and discrimination from her family. How to get out from the scandal and was quite hard for her. 20 years later she’s quietly at her home still feeling dirty and immoral. No one still believes in her and the issue is subject of mocking and suspicious commentary on national TV. But one day the light will come over Monica part of the story. Monica Lewinsky encouraged denouncing one of the starring personalities of sexual harassment in the history of the United States of America, William Clinton, the current president when the facts happened.

After she received a message saying “I am so sorry you were so lonely”, from a woman of #MeToo movement, who encouraged her to speak about it. “I’m sort of dying to know what the third part in that affair is thinking”, said Hillary Clinton.

For years Monica Lewinski has suffered posttraumatic disorder, mainly for the ostracism that condemned her due to the scandal. She testifies for Vanity that it has been a trauma expedition, arduous, painful, and expensive. Even today, her hands shake when she reminds the day when FBI´s agents hustled her into a hotel room near the Pentagon and threated with 27 years in jail if she didn’t presented charges against the president.

Lewinsky believes not only William Clinton was guilty, but also her wife who kept silence about his husband affair. As solidarity gesture with women Monica thinks that the ex-US Vice-president during Obama’s administration must speak out about the issue that harmed her.

Lewinski said “She can, in good conscience, go to her grave steadfastly refusing to breathe another word”. Actually, there are many rumors about Hillary Clinton threatening numerous women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct. Maybe for that reason, Lewinsky argued that she won’t vote for a Democrat candidate. In addition, she considers Clinton´s marriage was a business and, for her, Hillary betrayed many women in the US.

In opposition, Clinton said her marriage had dark days and several times she asked herself if her marriage could or should survive. However, as an epiphany, she reflected: “Do I still love him?” And we can see the revelations Bill Clinton, supported her wife during the campaign as a lovely marriage. But the consequences were paid by the weakest part of the triangle: Monica Lewinsky. She thinks that there is a pernicious conspiracy of silence that protects powerful men when it comes to sexual assault, sexual harassment and abuse of power. “Hillary Clinton’s silence protects her marriage and the father of her child. I understand that. I respect that. And I still hope, some day, she finds a reason to break it”, she added.

According to Lewinsky, women around the world have a huge debt of gratitude with #MeToo. The movement gave conscience about the deeply harm of sexual harassment and abuse. Stalkers and sexual depredators like Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nassar were denounced and they will pay for their crimes. Before the first voice rose up, many women kept silent facing day by day those felonies. Lewinsky thought it was time for women to get up and they did, becoming heroines. She stated that happened “thanks to women who stood up and spoke out, from Hollywood to Sports to farm workers.”

She was a victim in 1998, and still, she considers there are many more women and men whose voices and stories need to be heard before. Regardless, some people do not agree that Monica’s case was a sexual assault and it must be out of the movement because it was another circumstance and regards, although it was admitted by several journalists and politicians as a gross abuse of power.

In the 90’s no one believed her and she was dismissed because her case was, according the lawyers, a sexual consensus with the current president in that time. However, she was a victim of power abuse when she was at White House as an intern. Due to recently scandals of senators with interns and a plan of the Congress to select those interns are running in the halls. It´s well known that sometimes a high position increases the chances. For that reason, Monica Lewinski supports all those women that their voices were shut up and hadn´t the courage to face their depredators.

It has been 20 years since the Monica Lewinsky scandal and now women and society are more aware of the weight than in 1998 when it happened. So no matter if Monica and Bill had an affair or not, the main thing is that her psychological trauma will be an example for everyone.