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Monday, March 12, 2018

When family becomes in a hell on White House

Por qubano22005

Nepotism could be an illness currently affecting US government, presidency and society. The sickness, brought to the White House by Donald Trump, could also affect US national security and make the US, in consequence, a joke to international leaders. Also, Jared Kushner’s debts and Donald Trump´s family positioned at Washington in charge of political decisions are turning the US presidency into a nest of corruption and a monarchy lead the country. The ironic detail is that US always has been the leader fighting tyrants who want to perpetuate their power.

Actually, if we review America’s foreign policy, it can be noticed the war they made to Castro brothers in Cuba, which led the country during almost six decades. US government has always tried to undermine “that government that drowns people in economic misery where only militaries and sons of high-level government officials have a plentiful life”. On the other hand, there is North Korea, which is quite similar to Cuba; it seems that is normal being Communist country is an instrumental feature.

But now the US are imitating those cases; the US president’s son-in-law was working in the White House as former Senior Advisor. He has been with “dad” during the campaign and logically, he was rewarded with a high position in the government. The curious thing is that Jared deals with foreign government, a high top-secret level’s position that manages the portfolios of foreign countries. But the other side of the story is that Jared has debts. He was seeking investors and loaners to save his boat, that is, his family company. Now recent documents and information have emerged and shown Jared´s asking $500m in loans to clean his family company’s mess, which consequently influenced negatively Jared´s job. Kushner has suffered a clearance downgrade and is quite possible that in a few weeks he would be fired, but “daddy” is at “home”. Then, there are no problems at all.

On the other hand there is Ivanka, by the way, Jared’s wife, an advisor too and she is so kind and wonderful and pretty that she doesn´t need to take advantage of a seat at the White House, neither a dime goes to her pocket because they are giving a public service to the country. Furthermore, she has access to information and she can meet foreign entrepreneurs and have some influence in Washington, instead of some “little” participation in the investments, and maybe a “tiny” loan for her husband. Last January New Yorker’s reportage revealed Jared’s met with Chinese officials, and Kushner’s family business was one of the topics. Perhaps that is one of US intelligence officers’ nightmares, the fear he can be manipulated.

Trump has experimented nepotism in his own business, and he wants to manage US as his company or at least get some profits or advantage now he has seized power. The same happened in other nations like Uganda, Philippines and other countries where rulers and their families got profits of their public charge. Nevertheless, there is something Trump doesn’t know: to manage a personal business is not the same to run a country. The other concerning issue is that his big ego and greed of power could make him a dictator or at least to try to subjugate the world.