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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Why don’t meet with the President?

Por Feco

As if guessing how the media reaction would be after the ceremony at the White House, the leader of the Houston Astros, A.J. Hinch said before moving to Washington that the invitation to the White House was "a great honor”, while as for the players who chose to attend or not, Hinch said: "I'm just the manager."

The 2017 World Series champions, the Houston Astros, visited the White House on Monday, where they were honored by President Donald Trump. However, one of its main players, the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, was not present. Correa and pitcher Ken Giles were the most recognized players who did not attend the traditional baseball champion's appointment to the president's residence.

According to a team spokesperson, who talked to Digital ESPN, "Carlos Correa and Ken Giles had family obligations, and that's why they're not here today." Although many disagree with that explanation. Team president Jim Crane explained at the end of the ceremony that "several players had to deal with family issues" and therefore did not attend the White House. Right fielder Josh Reddick, the only player who approached the press at the conclusion of the ceremony, which was approximately 30 minutes long, said he assumed that all players would be present. "They told me we were all going in. Some did, others did not, everyone has their own point of view on how to deal with things," said Reddick, who was in charge of handing President Trump a sweater with the number 17, in reference to 2017, year in which they won their first championship.

During the ceremony, President Trump praised the Astros for their season, which culminated with the first title in the history of the franchise. Trump also recognized the team for its efforts in recovering Houston after Hurricane Harvey. "To all the players and management of the Houston Astros, I want to thank them for being true champions on and off the field, they really are an example of true greatness, and it's a credit to the players who are here today."

Another who was not present on Monday was veteran Puerto Rican player Carlos Beltrán. Beltrán had previously said he would not attend because he retired from professional baseball at the end of last season. And although the Puerto Rican outfielder has spoken openly of his disappointment with the federal government for what he considers a poor job in helping Puerto Rico after the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria on September 20, Beltrán said his absence was in no way a protest against Trump. Among the most recognized players of the team, the Most Valuable Player of the American League, the Venezuelan José Altuve, and the World Series MVP, George Springer, as well as the Cuban infielder Yuli Gurriel and the starters Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullers did attend the event.

Of the 11 Latino players who played in the big leagues with the Astros last year, three of them attended the ceremony: Altuve, Gonzalez and Gurriel. Does it have the meaning we all see? No one seems to dare give an opinion.