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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Millionaires’ Clash

Por freewinds12345

The United States Boxing Association (USBA) should propose him in one of its divisions. The president gets angry with everyone for anything. His ego has led him to compete with several heavyweights of American politics such as Joe Biden and Robert Mueller. In the economic and business field, he has also made his own and for a few months he has been looking for getting Jeff Bezos out of his mind, the richest man in the world with 120 trillion dollars. Several are the attacks that from Twitter the US president has made against Amazon, Bezos’ main wealth source.

The secret of this rivalry lies precisely in the fact that the online sales giant owns The Washington Post, one of the newspapers that has attacked Trump the most. The Washington Post has harassed the president incessantly and Trump, answers back saying the publication isa "false news" manufacturer. To the conflict over the media coverage regarding the current administration there are Bezos’ Twitts, true poisonous darts against the president.

Among the accusations made by Donald Trump to the mogul Jeff there are the low tax payments made by the retailer and the use of postal office services, which he describes as his "messenger boy," because of the low costs for Amazon. According to the president, this fact makes the United States Postal Service the dumbest in the world and, in turn, poor. The New York’s tycoon believes higher taxes and a more expensive postal service should be imposed on Amazon. Ironically, the political decisions of Donald Trump contrast with the economic ones. The benefits of Amazon increased substantially after "Donny" drove a tax cut. Some statistical data report that the e-commerce giant recorded in the last quarter of the year about 1,856 billion dollars (147% more) with a startof 789 million dollars. Despite the onslaught of Dictator Donald Trump, who wants to subdue all those who do not respect their interests, Amazon paid 412 million dollars in taxes to the US federal government in 2016.

Donald Trump’s statements have triggered alarms around the world, especially those competitors of Amazon who are seeing the possibilities of an increase in costs by concept of messaging, something that would collapse the online retail business.

Therefore, one of the repercussions that have occurred has been the fall of Amazon in the stock market by 4.38%, after several media pointed in the last hours that Trump aims to "go after" the firm founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos. In fact, this happened after a supposed question of the US president on how Amazon could be brought down through antitrust laws. Axiosportal was one of those that published an article about Trump’s “obsession”withAmazon. In addition, other giants like Facebook were also shaken in the stock market, due to the data protection scandal.

Apparently Trump’s circle of billionaire friends is whispering in his ear about the need to stop Amazon, because it’s swallowing all the retail businesses. Amazon absorbed the Whole Foods organic supermarket chain in 2017, a fact that has irritated more than one merchant and supermarket owner. However, the company seeks to open a second location and more than twenty cities have applied for the candidacy. Although Trump blames Bezos for closing businesses, the new headquarters will generate a total of 50,000 jobs.

According to Donald Trump, the technological giant Amazon has been the culprit of the closing of many retail businesses due to the payment of less taxes but, above all, because of the strong competition that Amazon exerts over the retail business and the wide range of services it offers, in which the postal service plays an important role.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump's approach is far from being true;Amazon has given new impulses to the deplorable postal service and the meager profits it had in the United States. The main customer of the United States Postal Service is an essential partner for Amazon in its goal of optimizing and improving its services.

Before Amazon existed, Wallmart had already knocked down other competitors. It is a common in a country where competition and free markets are essential for economic development. Amazon, in addition to reinventing the electronic business, has also given a boost to the industry and aerospace research through the private company of Jeff Bezos’Blue Origin. So Donald Trump will have to take care of his next attacks, because there will be serious conflicts of interest