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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Apple’s Co-founder fears Facebook

Por qubano22005

After the scandal of Cambridge Analitys, Facebook will never be the same. Many users of the popular social network are panicking and even some heavyweights of the informatics world that gave it some prestige have started to flee in terror before the uncovering of insecurity that has spread all over the world. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak closed his Facebook account. Wozniak made public his message in the USA Today newspaper. He said that Facebook generates a large amount of money in advertising based on personal data provided by users, a very questionable way to make billions of dollars out of people’s private information.

On the other hand, he told the famous newspaper that paradoxically, while the directors of Facebook were covered with money made out of the information of the users, they do not get anything from the profits.

He also noted the difference between his company and Zuckerberg’s is that "Apple generates money from good products, not from people", something questionable because in the end people are the ones who pay for their quite expensive products, by the way. However, there is an undeniable reality that is Apple has contributed a lot to the development of technology and telecommunications. Its innovation and research departments are praiseworthy in the world of information technology.

In fact, from the time of Steve Jobs, the company stood up to what was once one of the great computing monopolies: Microsoft. Who knows if Apple gets the courage and creates a new social network? They have the engineers and money to develop one. They also have some experience and bases such as iTunes that, although it is not a social network itself, its programming base can be used to make a new social network, without mentioning the thousands of users they have.

Meanwhile, the pampered child of informatics Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, will court-appear before the Capitol’s officials in next days to respond for the leaks of profiles and the lack of protection of users’ data. The billionaire in a preview has already admitted that they did not do enough to prevent their resources from being used to harm. According to some media, it is expected to question him about how the Russians could have interfered in the elections of 2016 and the possible use of the social network to plot to the detriment of the elections. Zuckerberg, in a prepared statement, took responsibility and has promised that this will not happen again. He even declared himself guilty of ineptitude for not stopping this kind of fact. Although his statements sound true, there is no doubt that Mark did know about all this. As Wozniak said, there is a substantial difference in the type of service that both technology companies offer. Even Alphabet, another technological giant, offers software and high-standard computer products and also has the same "small" difference with Facebook. It is very difficult to swallow the company did not know anything about it.

Mark Zuckerberg has said his company never calculated the broad dimensions of its responsibilities to users, referring to fake news and foreign intervention in elections. Facebook has had a terrible last quarter of the year, and it is predicted that its Wall Street actions will suffer if negative information continues; a sudden fall of its followers could bring great economic losses. For the time being Zuckerberg has said that his engineers are working to improve the company's safety. Yet, I still have doubts on whether they will stop filtering information to collect money.