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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Are they a strategy to deposit money?

Por sumily

Attack on the White House and The Fall of the White House, an action thriller about threats to the security of the US president due to terrorist attacks in the White House is one of the twin films of Hollywood, premiered one in March and the other in June 2013 and between them raised more than 375 million.

And although in the fall of the White House was more successful at the box office, "Attack on the White House" was the one that managed to continue with two sequels. Butler and Eckhart resumed their roles in "London under fire" in 2016, and also for Angel Has Fallen that will be released in 2019.

Another Hollywood success is Friends with Rights and Friends with Benefits, a film where two friends, both singles, come to an agreement to have casual relationships without the complications of a formal courtship; then, it gets complicated. Released one in January and the other July 201, both had almost the same box office: around 149 million dollars.

Many in the film industry are of the opinion that if a story is good, you must tell it twice. In Hollywood, this seems to be particularly true, whose history is invaded by examples of "twin films": a term given to two productions that are not only the same theme, but sometimes premiered almost at the same time.

Starring Colin Firth, the feature film "An Extraordinary Journey" hit the charts in February. The film is about the adventure of Donald Crowhurst, a sailing enthusiast who joined an expedition to travel the world in 1968.The story was so special that two different directors, James Marsh and Simon Rumley, thought it was worth making a film, each on its own. And there are the results.Studio Canal, which already had Colin Firth's film on the set, avoided an awkward situation by buying the other's rights as well.But in fact this situation is not so unique.

On the contrary, surprisingly it happens very frequently.IMDb's senior film editor, Keith Simanton, claims that twin films are often given by a true coincidence.According to Simanton in statements to the BBC, he said that if he were to go out in search of this type of phenomenon, he could find two, three or more scripts that are more or less the same and have not been made.Also, on other occasions, two filmmakers come together to create a joint idea on which both were working.

However the final result is that afterwards they only have disagreements between them.The actors Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell were hired to make "Two useless on patrol". Despite this, in the end the film is starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Monran, so Wahlberg and Farrell went to another studio, with a different script, and filmed something similar: "Police replacement."From Simanton's point of view, one of the most frequent reasons for the phenomenon of twin films is what he calls "the first to hit the market".Like the worst of ironies, being the last to arrive at the market with an idea is sometimes the best option, as happened with "I would like to be great" in the 1980s, which was released later "Viceversa", "As such father such son ", and" 18 again ".