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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bayern-Real Madrid: the dance of millions

Por Feco

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich commission this Wednesday in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Two of the most valuable clubs in the world, as reflected in the price of their players, according to the figures of the specialized portal Transfermarkt. Between the two entities total more than 1,700 million. On the field, 1,100 'kilos'.

Real Madrid and Bayern star in one of the two semi-finals of the Champions League, in a match which for many is the anticipated final of the competition. This Wednesday, two of the most powerful teams in the world will collide, once again, in a battle loaded with millions. The European Classic faces two of the greatest powers in the world and two of the four most valuable clubs, in terms of the value of their players. His power can already be seen in the budget of both for this season: Real Madrid, 690.3 million euros and Bayern, 570.

Approximately it is estimated that both entities will pocket around 60 million for the Champions League 2018/2019. And we dare to talk about economic crisis! As stated by El País, the staff of Real Madrid has a value of 962.5 million for the 779 of the Bayern. A total of 1741.5 million between them. Only Barcelona and Manchester City throw the Bavarian off the podium in which to which the merengue club pertains. Bayern, however, will be the club with more value that Real Madrid has faced this season since the PSG has a value of 775.5 million and Juventus of 616.3.

Analyzing the supposed eleven that both teams will align in the first leg, the Real Madrid has a value of 673 'kilos' while that of Bayern is 479. Cristiano Ronaldo, with 120 million, and Lewandowski, with 90, are the leaders of their respective teams and the most expensive players who will step on the field. The Portuguese, at 33 years old, is still one of the players with the highest market value, while the Polish is one of the best valued forwards in the world.

In addition, they will face two of the three most expensive defenses in the world - the other is Barcelona's. The Real Madrid, with up to three players with a price of 60 million, has a value of 230 million, for the 210 of Bayern, with Hummels as its most expensive back. The future of this Classic is assured with three of the most expensive Sub23 in the world: Asensio -75 million-, Kimmich -55 million- and Coman -50 million-. Even if the figures, at some point, might disgust you, the sports event as such is worth more than the dance of millions.