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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cifuentes: "I have the support of my president"

Por MRod

The president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, has assured this Tuesday, after renouncing by letter to the master's degree that has put her against the wall, due to the irregularities detected, that she does not consider resigning from her position. That is the demand from Podemos to maintain the Government agreement with the Popular Party in the regional Parliament.

"I have not considered resigning, because there are no objective reasons for this, I am not designated, nor investigated”, Cristina Cifuentes said. "I have the support of my party and my president, of course; I have it without question, and I always follow what my party says, I am not going to enter into controversies with statements from members of other parties, nor of my own party", has stated Cifuentes, who has refused to answer the questions about the presentation of the Master's Thesis that she claimed to have defended in July 2012.

Two of the professors whose signatures were in the act that Cifuentes presented to accredit the degree have declared that the signatures were not theirs. "I have never said that my master's degree is not legitimate, I have not committed any illegality, I have an official degree with all the certificates accredited, sealed and certified by the Secretariat”, she insisted. Cifuentes added that she has decided to renounce the master's degree personally, because "I do not want it", not because she has agreed with her party to avoid the resignation. The regional president said that she did the postgraduate course because it was "interesting" and because she thought that she would be able to make it compatible with her work”.

Regarding the possible support of citizens to the motion of censure that PSOE has presented, the president of Madrid has commented that the orange group "will have to explain why the agreement breaks, and the reasons why the community it’s delivered to PSOE and Podemos. “It is acting in an irresponsible way”, she has defended. Cifuentes has apologized for the first time to those "who could have felt aggrieved" if she had been wrong when not rejecting the "benefits that the faculty offered me to take the master but taking into account that I have not committed any irregularity”.

After weeks without appearing at the headquarters of the regional government, the president has assured that "despite the media pressure", her team continues to "work for the fulfillment of the electoral program", for what the people of Madrid have chosen her. Something they will do until "the last day, whatever it is, and I would like it to be until the end of the legislature”. As we notice, the Spanish leader does not intend to suffer the consequences of this scandal and tries to diminish it in every way possible.