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Monday, April 16, 2018

Coachella: the festival celebrities do not want to miss

Por Jade

Coachella festival, one of the most exclusive in the world, kick off this Friday, with a poster led by Beyoncé and which also include stars like The Weeknd or Eminem. During the consecutive weekends this April, from 13 to 15 and from 20 to 22, attendees (and the rest of the people, as downloaded on YouTube) can enjoy a variety of genres, such as indie, hip hop, rock or electronica.

In recent years, this musical event has become iconic for celebrities. So much so, that it probably has more celebrities per square meter. Some have become habitual, and have been seen in recent editions, and have signed up to this appointment as essential in their calendars. A clear example of this is the Kardashian clan. The one that is probably the most famous family on television never miss a party like this. Last year we could see the sisters uploading a collection of images on Instagram going to the festival. It surprised then Kylie Jenner with a look phosphorous in her hair. This year her attendance after her recent motherhood is in doubt. Will she get a nanny for Stormy even for a few hours? The mystery will not be revealed until this weekend.

But if the fans have their eyes on someone this time it's in Selena Gomez. Why? Because this year will perform The Weeknd and everyone fears that the ex-girlfriend will meet again, after having been rumored that the it girl had returned (although spontaneously) with Justin Bieber. Will the faces be seen again? In that case, what will the reunion be like? Social networks smoke with the subject. Vanessa Hudgens, known for her role in High School Musical is another regular at the event. The actress has not missed it in recent years, and everything seems to indicate that she will be in the front rows in this edition as well. Some fan clubs claim that Hudgens has made some pink wicks for the occasion. She, for the moment, has not confirmed her new hairstyle in the networks, although everything seems to indicate a festival look.

Bloggers also want their space between the cameras. Last year we could see familiar faces, like Dulceida, who enjoyed a few days to the music and took the opportunity to show their looks. She also let herself be seen, of course, by the Italian Chiara Ferragni, who came last year with her sister Valentina. Although the influencer has just been my mom, everything seems to indicate that she will find a place in her busy schedule to be seen.

As expected, the models also make an appearance. Los Angeles by Victoria's Secret is an example, like Alessandra Ambrosio, a regular. But it is not the only one, because in the desert of Indio, in California, Jasmine Tookes or Martha Hunt are also added. As you can see, it is a list that could not end, and is that, if one thing is clear, is that nobody wants to miss it, even if he has to bring his private jet, as did Rita Ora.