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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Comey blows hard to Mueller's ears

Por qubano22005

The Trump Tower is collapsing. James Comey has written all the immoralities of United States president and has described them in great detail in a 15-page document that the Associated Press has revealed. Comey’s report shows off Donald Trump’s egomania and authoritarianism. In their talks the US head of state comments to the then director of the FBI about the doubts on the judgment of an adviser, as well as the possibility of imprisoning journalists. The notes collected by former number one could be part of the crumbs that Robert Mueller follows to reveal if there was Russian collusion or not.

The meetings took place weeks before Comey was fired by the president himself. It is also reported in the documentation the issue of the provision of services of Russian prostitutes to the current president. Comey recently reported that there was a file that collected evidence that Donald actually received benefits from sex workers during a visit to Moscow. However, what is really outstanding is that indeed the former director of the FBI reiterates that Trump asked him to close the investigation on Michael Flynn, ex-Adviser of National Security of the White House.

All media and, of course, the investigators from the Special Counsel’s office, expected that these documents would be unveiled as soon as their existence was known. These may be new evidence that perhaps can be used in the investigation of Robert Mueller who still collects information to know if Trump obstructed justice by dismissing the director of the FBI at that time. On the other hand, it seeks to reveal the truth about what happened in the 2016 elections.

The president has criticized the former chief of the FBI for writing about these events in a book. According to Trump, it was regrettable that Flynn's political life was destroyed because of the "possible" collusion and, of course, for having lied to the FBI about his contact with the Russian ambassador. But at the time he did not stop there regarding Flynn. On Comey’s notes the American president criticized Flynn’s lack of discretion, and the ineptitude of not communicating in time a congratulation to a certain president, which many consider to be Vladimir Putin. Although it was not precisely the "lack of judgment" of Michael Flynn that took him out of the White House, his mistakes took their toll in the end, despite having the very president as defender.

Trump also regretted the fact that Comey makes money by saying "untrue facts in a book", even called it a third-class volum. "Is this how life in the United States is supposed to work? I do not think so!", he wrote on Twitter.

The former FBI director's findings belong to a group of records that he himself decided to keep because his old agent's nose revealed that he would need them someday. According to Comey, the FBI would also have to dispose of them to direct an investigation. Despite Trump's claims that he was loyal, he dismissed him, but Comey's vendetta was immediate and, in addition to delivering the documentation to the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, he has exposed them in a book.

In the meantime, Trump as a resource is appealing to the accusation of which James disclosed FBI classified information; nevertheless, these are not qualified as classified. According to what has been published, the documents include the first months of Donald Trump’s administration, marked from the very beginning by destitution and possible plots with the Russians.