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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

DACA could die in six months

Por dbloggers

Donald Trump is reducing DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to ashes. Little by little, the reminiscences that were left of Barack Obama’s polices are being erased in a single stroke. Another of the battles against inmigrants has been won by the New York tycoon by eliminating DACA for citizens of Liberia living in his country.

However, those who are in that situation will have a year of "extension" to facilitate their repatriation. Although Liberia is a member of the Mandatory Deferred Departures program since 1999, which gives certain facilities to the natives of that country to work and live in the United States, the new measure adopted by Trump wrecked all hopes.

According to the US president, there is no longer any reason for Liberia to continue being part of DACA and has a differentiated status. His criteria were argued in a memorandum in which he stated Liberia has made significant progress in restoring a democratic government. Therefore, according to the head of state, there are no longer reasons for the presence of illegal people from this country in US. He also asserted the United States will contribute to the orderly arrival and reintegration of Liberian citizens, granting a 12-month-extension period to those who currently live in their nation.

Although Sara Sanders, spokeswoman for the White House, tries to deceive the world into believing that Trump wants and whishes a better alternative for those who belong to DACA, the immigrants involved and several legislators inside and outside Congress know that’s a lie. Since his power seizing and as part of his political promises, the DACA elimination has been in among his goals. According to his statements in six months he intends to eliminate it completely.

In fact, the program has found detractors within Trumps’ cabinet. Jeff Sessions has been one of those who commented that the implementation of the DACA was an unconstitutional measure applied by Barack Obama. He has said too that the decision of the then US president was an unconstitutional exercise of his authority.

Based on this lie, the Republican Donald Trump has repeatedly tried to get rid of DACA. A few months ago, a judge from a district of New York reported that the current government did not sustain "legally adequate arguments" to end the program. At that time, federal district judge Nicholas Garaufis commented that although the Republican ruler has the authority to eliminate it, there were several inconsistencies and legal deficiencies at the time of executing the order, which protects from deportation thousands of young immigrants who came to the United States as minors.

Regarding Obama’s creation of DACA, Garaufissaid it was not unconstitutional since it was implemented through executive action. This executive order allowed protecting thousands of vulnerable immigrants who could be expelled to their countries of origin.

In contrast, Justice Department’s spokesman Devin O'Malley was reluctant to protect foreigners saying DACA was approved "illegally bypassing Congress." The official added it affected those involved in the program far from favoring them, since Congress refused to extend these benefits to this same group of illegal aliens.

Dreamers is the term used by the press and by people to refer to those under the program created by the previous administration. Several of these people arrived in the United States as children and remained in the country after their visas expired. Although in other administrations, undocumented immigrants have been deported, President Trump has intensified the measuresat the time ICE has strengthened its work with the desire to return to the countries of origin all those illegal people.

In the next few months, Trump will seek a rematch in Congress to put DACA out of circulation, which, in his opinion, undoes the state treasury. Recently, the US president manifested his disappointment about several congressmen supporting DACA ignoring his decision to eliminate it.